Saturday, June 6, 2009

Review: MAC Blushcreme in Lilicent

Back on Stella, like two weeks ago, I said I'd get around to getting one of the MAC blushcremes. Well, graduation rolled around, bring lots of graduation presents (read: cash), and so I finally got to buy my beloved Lilicent Blushcreme! I didn't even get intimidated going into MAC this time. You guys should be so proud of me. I used to refuse to go in there with less than two other people. To the unitiated, MAC stores are so overwhelming. And intense. Anyways, these pics are pretty accurate. The pic on the left came out a little cool, but the swatch is pretty accurate.

Alright, so why Blushcreme? I have MAC's Fun & Games blush (from the Hello Kitty collection), which is kind of the best powder blush ever and if I don't pay attention one of these days, Maud will steal it. With my Hello Kitty blush, my life should be complete. BUT (there's always a but), for me powder blushes have one big shortcoming. They're powder blushes. I can see how they would be great on normal or oily skin, but on dry skin like mine they end up looking cakey and dry most of the time, when I want glowing and dewey. Since I knew I wanted a creme blush, I headed over to MAC, and I won't repeat everything that I put in the Stella post, but it came down to Brit Wit, Ladyblush, and Lilicent. Brit Wit is a bit deeper and plummier, and Ladyblush is a bit cooler. I chose Lilicent because I have a lot of warm, red tones in my skin, and cool blush tends to look awkward on me. Lilicent is basically Fun & Games a little deeper and pinker, and without the sparkle. Even though I love Fun & Games, it's so light that I can barely get it to show up sometimes, so Lilicent seemed like an even better option (and I can layer Fun & Games on top for sparkle!).

I'd describe the color as a nude, peachy coral with absolutely no shimmer. The consistency is quite thick, but it loosens up quickly with the warmth of your fingers, so it's easy to apply and blend in. It does have a bit of a plasticky scent, but it's too light to bother me. What I really like about Lilicent is that I can layer it to my heart's content, from a sheer wash of color to a full-on blush, and it still looks natural and dewey, never false or cakey. I can't describe how dewey this blush is. It's really amazing. I have the most abused, dryed out, un-dewey skin you've ever seen, and even I have a bit of a glow with Lilicent. I'm hooked. It's not breaking me out, the lasting power is good, it's very pigmented (so you get bang for your buck), and it gives my cheeks like natural, peachy flush that I've literally been searching for for years. And it's only $18. Compared to the price of a Nars blush or multiple, that's a steal. I give this a 10/10.

MAC Blushcreme, $18 for .21 ounces at

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