Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Just Can't Help Myself

J. Crew is on a serious winning streak, especially in the accessories department. Don't get me wrong, their dresses/sweaters/swimwear are awesome, but I think the real jewels are their shoes and jewelry (haha...the jewelry are the jewels...haha...ok...). Anyways, they have a bunch of cute ballet flats and some fantastic statement jewelry right now, and most of it is under $200! I know it seems like I'm favoring J. Crew, but they aren't paying me. I just love their stuff.

Marjorie Suede Ballet Flats, $98 at jcrew.com, Satin Ballet Flats with Contrast Trim, $98 at jcrew.com, Marjorie Satin Ballet Flats, $98 at jcrew.com: I'm a sucker for a good ballet flat. They're so versatile, and so delicate, and so darn chic. I like the black pair with a maybe a pair of grey shorts or a pair of jeans, the pink satin pair to temper a more adrogynous outfit, and the contrast trim pair with a little sundress. $98 isn't that bad for a pair of ballet flats that you know will last you forever. Seriously, J. Crew shoes are nearly indestructible.

Crystal Symphony Necklace, $98 at jcrew.com, Crystal Soiree Earrings, $55 at jcrew.com, J. Crew Estate Stackable Ring, $250 each at jcrew.com: How amazing would that crystal necklace be with a plain white tee and jeans? It's got a bit of a Lanvin vibe with the ribbon detail, and the contrast of the plain ribbon and large crystals is a great mix of high and low. And again, it's less than $100. Steal. Those earrings are drop dead gorgeous. I mean, that's a serious statement earring for $55. They've got a bit of an Art Deco/'20s pre-depression glam vibe, and I love the giant crystal drop construction. They look so chic swinging against a bare neck. These rings are a bit more expensive, but they're solid gold and kind of awesome. Stackable rings are great because you can do just one for a simpler look, or you can do multiple rings for a more intense, boho-chic look. I love the little crystale studs on these. They're unexpected and kind of awkward, but in a really cool, organic way. And how adorable is the robins egg blue one?

Jewelled Garland Bracelet, $95 at jcrew.com, Crystal Garden Necklace, $98 at jcrew.com, Ribbon-tied Long Pearl Necklace, $200 at jcrew.com: This bracelet looks kind of homemade and personalized, with the little bows, but as the same time, so chic. The mixture of the crystals and the tiny ribbon bows is surprisingly adorable, and the slinky construction of the bracelet means it would drape against your wrist in a casual way that goes nicely with the upscale crystals. These last two necklaces are a great way to do Lanvin on the cheap again. Mixing ribbons with pearls and crystals is definitely taking a page straight out of Alber Envaz's book, but J. Crew does it pretty darn well. The middle necklace is a bit younger and a little more hippie, and the pearl necklace is a bit more traditional and refined, but they'd both look fantastic with anything from a basic tee to a cocktail dress.

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