Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Picks from the J. Crew Sale

Ok, so J. Crew is having an awesome in-store and online summer sale right now, but before we get to my picks, I had to share these adorable Kenneth Jay Lane animal rings with you guys. You know that I have a serious, insane animal jewelry obsession (still drooling over the Iosselliani puma ring), but I don't think anyone can resist these.

Kenneth Jay Lane Animal Print Ring, $66 at, Bird Ring, $88 at, and Elephant Ring, $58 at If you like your animal print in leopard, this is the ring for you. It's subtle and quiet enough not to be tacky, but it's leopard print, so it's still fun, and the chunky shape balances out the sexy print nicely. This bird ring is probably the least practical, but the idea of a little birdie just perched on your finger is so Cinderella adorable that I can't help but love it. This elephant is my favorite. Just look at his green eyes! And he looks like he's smiling. I'd be smiling too with a little elephant on my ring finger.

Safari Splash String Bikini, top $29.99 from $46 at, bottoms $29.99 from $44 at, Malabar Metallic Flat Sandals, $69.99 from $195 at I've loved this bikini forever. It has a great safari vibe, the animal print is super-subtle, so you won't get tired of it, and it's in a totally classic, string bikini cut. What's not to love? Plus, it would look amazing with a tan, and $60 for a J. Crew bikini is a steal. Likewise, these studded t-bar sandals are a great buy. The t-bar shape is a refreshing alternative to the gladiator, the studs are totally of the moment, and the bright silver hue adds a touch of glam to any daytime ensemble.

Beaded Scoopneck tee, $39.99 from $58 at,
Ringspun Necklace V-neck tee, $29.99 from $34.50 at, Slub Cotton Beaded V-neck tee, $39.99 from $58 at I love all these tees. They have this great trompe l'oeil necklace thing going on. The middle tee (my fav) has an actual necklace print, which is gigantic and gorgeous, but in a subtle enough color that it's not too in your face. And check out the twisted neckline! If I'd known this was onsale, I totally would have bought it at J. Crew yesterday. Grrrr. The other two tees are actually beaded, so the necklace effect is a little more noticeable and textured, but the beading is the same color as the shirt, so it's still subtle. All of these are a great alternative to the basic tee, and would dress up any pair of jeans nicely. There are also a ton of regular v-necks on sale for like $15, so def hit that up too.

Tissue Crinkle Tie-dye tee, $14.99 from $29.50 at, Charmeuse Pencil Skirt, $29.99 from $98 at, Cotton Cady Erica Dress, $159.99 from $225 at I'm a hippie at heart. I love me some tie-dye. This tee has just enough tie-dye to satisfy my Woodstock cravings, but the muted color palette keeps it from going all-out hippie. Aka this is the kind of tie-dye you can wear in public without being shamelessly mocked, which is always a plus. This skirt is the best buy of the bunch. It's a $30 J. Crew pencil skirt in charcoal grey. How can you go wrong here? Seriously? The fabric is glam and luxurious, the pleating detail at the waist means you don't have to wear a belt and draws attention to the smallest part of you, and the shade is my favorite kind of neutral, grey. This dress is a great way to do the neon trend that's been floating around for awhile. It's bright enough to be on-trend, but at the same time, the sunny shade of yellow is kind of classic and adorable. I love the slight sweetheart necklace and pleating on the bodice, and the whole dress is such a flattering shape. Plus, it has pockets, so it's practical too!

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