Friday, June 26, 2009

Spotlight on: Fiona Paxton and Gryphon

I know these necklaces aren't the newest things on the block, but I saw one on Drew Barrymore and was like "me must have" (yes, I do think in lolspeak), and then promptly forgot because I have a memory span of thirty seconds, but anyways, I remembered and here we are. Um, I want these. I bought my mom a cheap, Forever21 version of these, and she adores it and wears it all the time. If my mom can pull it off (and she is fierce), all you guys can.

Fiona Paxton Coco Necklace, $338 at, Fiona Paxton Bianca Necklace, $340 at, Fiona Paxton Connie Necklace, $340 at They're basically all the same necklace in different colors with different beaded patterns, so you can have the awesome silhouette in a color palette/motif that suits your personal style. Genius. The juxtaposition of the heavy, beaded neck piece with the delicate, drapey pendant piece is gorgeous. The lightness of the bottom balances the heaviness of the top, and makes the necklace drape perfectly. And how hot are those tribal-inspired patterns? My personal fave is the far left (why it costs two dollars less I have no idea), but all three of these would look drop dead chic with a plain white tee and jeans, but also with a cocktail dress for a more formal look. Yes, they're ridiculously expensive, but they're really, really pretty, and they make such an intense statement. Plus, these work now with the tribal trends, and will work next fall with the oversized/bib necklace trends, so you could get at the very least a year out of them. Which is like a dollar a day. Not that bad.

I've been secretly in love with Gryphon for years. They make the most amazing modern trench coats that are actually semi-fashion forward and form-fitting (not an easy combo to find)! At Gryphon, you really get the bang for your buck. Not only is their stuff timeless, but it comes filled with all the extra details, like real leather belts (they aren't styling props!), pocket squares for blazers, and all that jazz.

Gryphon the Cap Sleeve EZ Dress, $182.50 down from $365 at, Gryphon the Timeless Trench, $665 at, Gryphon Sequin Wave Skirt, $345 at How darn cute is that dress? You've got a simple, streamlined shift, made modern with a vibrant hue and studded belt. The cut is extremely flattering, with the soft shoulders and gathered neckline balancing out the short skirt. This is the kind of piece that could take you from work to shopping to drinks to partying and right round again the next day. I don't think I need to say anything about that trench. I mean, hello, beautiful. And the belt's included. And it's the perfect cut and shade of khaki. And I wants it. As for that skirt, sequined minis are so not my thing, but even I like this one. The simple cut mediates the tranniness of the sequins nicely, and the wavy pattern elevates the look from run-of-the-mill to showstopping.

Gryphon the Boyfriend Blazer, $520 at, Grypon the Boyfriend Trench Coat, $610 at, Gryphon Leopard Belted Dress, $390 at You guys know that I'm always up for a good boyfriend blazer, and the proportions on this one are perfect, with the hip-skimming hem and scrunched-up sleeves. And the little pocket square/brooch is included. It's such an adorable touch, I kind of want to do it to all my blazers now, for an ironic little dandy-esque twist. If fitted trenches aren't your thing, and you go for a more androgynous look, this is the trench for you. It's a little oversized and wrinkly, like you stole it out of your boyfriend's closet. The above the knee length balances out the baggy silhouette perfectly, and it's just so cheeky! Love. This last dress is one of my favs. It looks like an amazing vintage find, but the sheer fabric and leopard print are so modern. The blouson cut, with the baggier top and cinched waist, is my absolute favorite cut. It's flattering and chic, but still comfortable and casual. It's such an It Girl dress. I die.

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