Thursday, June 18, 2009

CFDA/Gap Review!

So I tracked down the Gap in New Orleans and dragged my family all the way over there just to take pics of the collection for you guys. Don't feel bad, it saved me from going to the Insectarium. The fam respects the need to do blog research (and shopping). This collab between CFDA and Gap features Alexander Wang (love) and Vena Cava, as well as some other guy who did khaki bucket hats that I'm going to pretend I never saw (it's bad). I tried on almost all of the stuff they had in my Gap, but they didn't have any of the Alexander Wang pants and only one pair of one of the Vena Cava pants, which I didn't try on (not cute in person), hence the pantlessness. The collections both run a size small, with an exception of the jackets, which run about a size large.

This is the piece I ended up getting, the Alexander Wang Khaki Double-breasted Jacket, which is almost sold out and $88 at There was only one of these in the store, and I got there half an hour after it often, so I guess it was popular (and I stole the last one, muhahaha). I have to say, it's weird. It's like this combo of a khaki trench with the body of a double-breasted blazer/tuxedo jacket and the sleeves of a biker jacket, so it's satisfying my cravings for all three types of jackets while being super-duper versatile. I loves it. The sleeves are 3/4 length, but I pushed them up. It looked shorter on the model in the promo pics, but I have a short torso, so it's probably a little shorter on a normal person, fyi. The zipper closes over two of the buttons (see middle pic) which is odd, but I like it, and the zipper pulls look like safety pins (in a cool way). It's pretty well-made. Not jaw-dropping, but impressive enough that my dad asked if I got it at a real store (read: Saks), and was blown away with the real price tag (winner!). I wore it out tonite and got a ton of compliments. I want to marry it and have it's babies. LOVE. And it's so cute with a little cocktail dress or with slim jeans! I die. I look so confused in that last pic. Oh dear.

Here's the other Alexander Wang jacket. It's sold out on the website, but there were a ton of smalls and mediums in the store this morning, which surprised the heck out of me. I thought this was going to be my baby. It's super-cute, it fits nicely, it's well-made, I like the collar, sleeve-length, and assymetrical zipper, and it looks adorable unzipped, like on the right. It's's very roomy in the back. You can see that on the left, and I didn't even pull the back out all the way. I like to wear motorcycle jackets over a more voluminous top/dress to give it some shape, and with a cut this roomy that kind of defeats the purpose. But, if you don't mind that it's not form-fitted and you're not crazy OCD like me, go pick this up! I mean, it's a total classic, and it's Alexander Wang, for crying out loud.

Now for the awkward stuff. Oh, these shorts. They're Alexander Wang and $49.50 at I don't know where to start. These run a size small, and they're not the easiest things to wear. First, the pros. The belt loop area is cute enough that I don't feel awkward having to tuck my shirt in with the high-ish rise of the shorts. The a-line cut makes my thighs, which are, um, sizeable/muscular, look teensy in the comparison (look at the right! And I look tan...). The length is nice, short but still decent. Now, the cons. Um, either the pair I had was really oddly wrinkled, or these shorts just do an automatic crotch triangle. Not cute at all. The cut makes them flattering from the front, but not at all from the sides or back, and the legs are so widely cut that you could literally have an upskirt flashing moment in this pair of shorts (seriously, not exaggerating). So I'd recommend skipping these, or trying them on in person.

Vena Cava Printed Khaki Dress, $88 at, and Khaki Zip Dress, $88 at These definitely run a size small. The first dress is my favorite, and it would be really cute for a fun, work appropriate outfit, but that's about it. It just screams office-wear to me, which doesn't exactly fit in with my life. Also, maybe it's just my body, but the waist is cut very widely (not flattering) and the hips are cut very straight, so it's loose at the waist and tight on the hips on me. Yuck. And it has no stretch and no zipper, so it's kind hard to get on and off. Still love the neck detail though. As for the second dress, yeah, it's a little tight (I hate my chest). The racerback is pretty narrow, so it would be hard to wear a normal bra with. The zipper and detail at the bottom are interesting, but it's kinda giving me a wetsuit vibe for some reason, and that's throwing me off. I think both of these could be really cute on a certain person at a certain occassion if they fit your body well, but I don't think they'll work for a lot of people. Definintely try these on instore.

And this is random, but before I left I found a pair of aviators that fit my face!!!!!! If you know me, that's a big deal. Round faces do not do well with aviators. I usually end up looking like an alien. I've tried Marc Jacobs, Ray-Bans, Carrera, everything, and the brand that came through for me? Forever21. $6 baby! Ok, they're actually $5.90 at They're not the highest quality (der) but if you've been doing the same roundface aviator quest, buy them! I promise you'll love them. You can send me angry emails if you don't. And I'm not grumpy in that pic, I'm just trying not to smile because I'm lazy and wearing my retainer. :)

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