Monday, September 20, 2010

Today's Cravings

I need a break from fashion week, y'all.  Don't get me wrong, I love looking at fashion week and writing about fashion week, but it's so easy to get fashion week burnout.  So London coverage will start tomorrow, but today will be lovely and random.  Enjoy!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Fantastical Tale Strass Cat Ring, $78 at, Rebecca Minkoff Kiss Bag, $345 at, Helmut Lang Denim Square Shoulder Shearling Jacket, $795 at This cat ring is so ugly that I almost like it.  It reminds me of the Siamese cats from Lady and the Tramp (love), and it looks so evil and cunning and twisty-tailed.  I think I'm convincing myself that I like this.  But y'all know that I love wearing jewelry with small animals on it (hence my parrot AND beetle rings).  How adorable is that bag?  Any bag with a frame shape and a kiss-lock wins me over with its cuteness, and when you add in the bit of edge from the studs and the chain strap, and the boho twist of the tassel, it becomes the perfect storm of classic chic and modern trendy.  It's also a convenient little size and the handy over the shoulder/across the bag construction makes it very easy to wear as a day-to-day bag.  Shearling and military are going to be (and have been) two huge trends for the next season or so.  This jacket perfectly marries the two, and makes them practical in a durable, cotton blend shell.  The cut of the jacket is very motorcycle meets aviator jacket, the color is the quintessential military olive, and the shearling is a little aviator and a little wintery wonderland.  It's warm, and on-trend, and actually practical.  

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