Monday, September 20, 2010

Rave of the Day: Nivea Kiss of Moisture

I don't usually review drugstore stuff like shower gels, lotions, etc, etc, unless they are so amazing and such great deals that I feel like I want to proclaim my love for them from the rooftops.   This is one of those occassions.

So I picked up this Nivea A Kiss Of Moisture Hydrating Lip Care SPF 4 (that's a mouthful) a week or two ago, which you can get for $2.49 at  Nivea is one of those brands that I inherently like without having tried many of their products.  They just seem so European, which sadly does make me like them better, and my mom loves Nivea.  So Nivea must be amazing.  Well, I actually ventured out and tried a Nivea product, and...I love it.  See the breakdown below.

 The packaging: I quite like the packaging.  The soft blues and white nice and calming, not too in your face or flashy.  What I really like is that the blue portion is the cap, and it slides off to reveal a white tub with a twist-up base.  It's all very sleek and a little high-end feeling for a drugstore lip balm.

The product: First off, it has at least a small amount of SPF, which is great because SPF is so often looked over in lip products.  Lips can get sunburnt too!  The balm itself is white in the tube but goes on clear.  It's not matte, but it's not shiny, it just gives your lips a nice, velvety sheen.  As for how it feels on, I think I love it.  It makes my lips feel soft and moisturized and happy, not greasy and not dry.  It doesn't accentuate chapped lips, and it doesn't wear off quickly--I can still feel it on my lips two hours later.  And it smells like vanilla, in the softest, most subtle way.

The price: $2.50 isn't cheap for a drugstore lip balm, but this feels so much more like a high quality balm than any Chapstick or Softlips product I've ever tried.  It feels like a bargain for how much I love it.  My one qualm is that the first one of these I bought broke.  I did drop it about 10 times from about five feet in the air, so that may have had something to do with it, but the packaging itself is a bit flimsy for the price.

Awkward Chic rating: A.  The only way that I could like this better would be if it came in a soft pink tint that tasted like pomegranates.  Yum!

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  1. I bought this in Milk and Honey a few weeks ago and it is nearly gone! I am so impressed; it's so much better than Carmex or Chapstick.

  2. There's a Milk and Honey flavor??? OMG.



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