Thursday, September 16, 2010

NYFW Round-Up #6

The big guns are really coming out now, y'all.  Marchesa, Proenza Schouler, Phillip Lim, Michael Kors.  This is when the serious prettiness happens.  I'm warning you know, don't look at these in public.  You will squeal like a small child.

Michael Kors, 3.1 Phillip Lim: I'm not usually a big Michael Kors fan.  American-inspired sportswear isn't really my thing.  But there's something so breezy and '70s about this fuchsia jersey dress that really appeals to me.  It looks easy to wear, it's simple but it makes a big statement, and it just feels so refreshing after all the big ballgowns that usually end shows.  Phillip Lim always delivers on the classic, menswear inspired daywear with a fun, modern twist.  I love this look for a few reasons; one, because it's in lovely neutrals, like camel and caramel, and two, because it has an oversized, sheer cardigan!  Layering sheer nudes comes across as so chic here, no?  The leather accessories in the similar hues really make the outfit.  That bag.  I want.

Marchesa: There's not really much you can say about Marchesa.  It's breathtakingly gorgeous every single time.  Here are my two favorite red carpet moment dresses.  The explosion of tulle in the skirt of this first dress is so just over the top and dramatic, and the way that the black fades into the dirty white...I just have no words.  I would do terrible, terrible things to be in that dress.  The second dress is a little more organic and girly.  It's almost a little Rodarte, in the way that it twirls around the model's body and then shoots out at the knee.  That dress on someone like Keira Knightley would be sick.

Anna Sui, Milly: This Anna Sui look is the epitome of boho chic.  The flowery headdress, the handkerchief hemmed sheer/beaded/embellished dress--it's all very hippy-dippy, but at the same time very glam.  Lesson learned: take a '70s inspired dress, and cover it in modern embellishments.  The styling at Milly was fantastic, lots of pattern mixing and crazy color palettes.  This floral dress is so modern Joan Holloway, with it's sheath fit and vibrant, hot house floral pattern.  The off-the-shoulder sleeves are a nice, modern touch.

Proenza Schouler: When I think of Proenza Schouler, all I can think of is cool kids.  It's like the cool downtown NYC girls distilled into a line.  This season they went a little more ladylike and refined, but still what that same gotta-have-it edge.  The cut of the first dress is very modern girly, simple and flattering, and the pink tweedy fabric gives it a bit of a retro, Chanel vibe.  But when you add in the bra-like detailing at the neckline and the black from the belt it gets a little darker, a little more subversive.  This second look is great because it's a practical take on sheer, and one that really makes sense to me.  You take retro-inspired undergarments, like this bra (a cropped top would work equally well) and pencil skirt-esque slip, and then put a sheer, lingerie-inspired slip on top.  You get all the sexiness of the sheer dress without showing too much skin.

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  1. despite some of the things i read i thought this years nyfw was great, bring on london! x

  2. i agree! i'm really loving NYFW this year :)



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