Friday, September 3, 2010

Random Back To School Cravings

Alright y'all, live blogging begins on Monday, this is the last pre-scheduled post.  By this time, I'm back at school, but I know a lot of people haven't started school yet, so I thought it'd be fun to put together a few fashion-forward, practical back to school pieces.


J. Crew Rhodie Tote, $375 at, Juicy Couture Exquisite Mess Tote, $78 at As far as I'm concerned, you can go two ways with totes.  You can get a large leather bag, or you can get a big canvas tote.  Either way, it can still be adorable.  You want something big enough to hold your laptop and text books, but not so gigantic that it looks like a duffel bag.  If you're going the leather bag route, I like this J. Crew tote.  It's cute enough just to be used as a purse, with it's slightly vintage feel and nicely worn-in leather, but it's big enough to fit all the essentials, and then some.  Plus, it has handy pockets for things like pens, pencils, calculators, cell phones, etc.  If you're feeling a canvas tote, this Juicy Couture tote is adorable.  It has an equally slouchy feel, which goes really nicely with the girly pink hue and graffiti-esque bow on the corner.  It also has a variety of pockets inside for organizational purposes, and since it's such a light pink, it would go with a ton of outfits.


J. Crew Wool-Cashmere Icon Trench, $325 at, J. Crew Colleta Coat, $298 at If you're going to school in a cold place, you'll need a nice coat.  I'd really recommend spending a little more to get a well-made, versatile coat that'll last you all of college, and keep you warm in the process.  If you're into iconic staple pieces, this trench is a great option.  It has all the versatility of a basic camel colored trench, but it comes in a wool-cashmere blend, making it extra warm and extra cozy.  If you like more lady-like silhouettes, this Colleta coat is perfect.  It has a single row of buttons, a cinched waist, a slightly flaired shirt, and cute little cuffs, plus it comes in fun colors like plum and navy.


Frye Kira Low Top Sneakers, $82.60 at, Dolce Vita Harrison Suede Oxford Booties, $188 at Shoes very important.  You don't have room for a ton of shoes in college dorm rooms, so you need to get a lot of wear and impact out of each pair.  I'm really feeling slightly fancy sneakers, like these Frye Low Tops.  They're practical for walking all over the place, but the leather makes them a little more appropriate for nicer situations, like dinners or campus events.  I've warmed up to booties as of late, because they really are the perfect type of heels for colder climates.  They cover your feet and are easy to layer with socks and tights, but they aren't as bulky as actual boots.  I love this pair because of the sueded texture and Oxford styling, which adds a fun, His Girl Friday touch, and the interesting silhouette of the heel gives these an extra punch of uniqueness.

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  1. I crave those coats... I need a good trenchcoat for fall but i'm completely broke right now ):

  2. I know! They're very lovely, but they are definitely investments :(



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