Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Backstage at Roberto Cavalli

There's no runway coverage today, gals!  I think we all need a bit of a breather, and time to stare at mindlessly pretty things.  Like the hair and makeup from the Roberto Cavalli show a few days ago.  Roberto Cavalli clothing-wise isn't really my style, but I'm totally falling for this offbeat beauty styling.

So the makeup featured a navy blue liner on the waterline, a pale, warm matte beige on the lid, and a medium matte brown blended up from the crease all the way to the brow, and even used to define the brow.  The same matte brown shadow is smudged into the lower lashline.  What's interesting here is that the only real definition here is on the lower waterline, but the overall look is still so fierce and piercing.  The brown on the lid gives the eyes a bit of a hooded look, which is unexpectedly sexy.  I usually waterline the lower lashline, but I do most of my liner on the upper lashline.  I may have to try this look.  It's just so refreshing.  For a navy liner, I'd try MAC's Blooz, and for a matte brown shadow I'd go for MAC's Wedge or Cork.

Clearly these are extensions, but there's something so fun about this long, straight but roughed up hair.  The overall look is very sleek, but the slightly matte/wavy texture keeps it from being boring, straight '90s hair.  I even like the center parts here!  I think the combination of slightly offbeat hair and makeup that looks a little more conventional from far away really works here.

Images from style.com.

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