Friday, September 24, 2010

Rant: L'Oreal Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover

This L'Oreal Oil-Free Refreshing Eye Makeup Remover is $5.85 at  I got it instead of my usual oil-free Neutrogena remover because CVS was out of stock.  Boo.

It is also the worst makeup remover I've ever used in my entire life.  Which, granted, consists of 3 separate removers, but I can't imagine anything being worse than this.  I know that sounds harsh, and I hate to give excessively negative reviews, but I can't stress enough how much I disliked this product.  Let me break it down.

The packaging: I have no issues with the packaging.  It's a curvy little blue bottle.  It's not amazing, it's not ugly, it's fine and easy to use, and it feels sturdy.  There's really not much else to say.

The price: You get 4 ounces of product for just under $6, which is decent.  With my favorite Neutrogena Oil-Free Remover, it's 5.5 ounces for just under $7, which is a better deal. 

The product: Ugh.  Just ugh.  Well.  It smells like white flowers and magnolias and old makeup, which doesn't bother me per-say, but I don't necessarily like it.  It wouldn't put me off of the remover entirely, but it doesn't make me like it any better.  If you're extremely sensitive to that sort of smell, you probably won't like this.  As for it's removal properties, let me give you a little context.  I tend to wear a good amount of waterproof eye makeup--waterproof mascara, liner, and gel liner.  That's a tall order for any remover.  If I soak a cotton pad with this remover and swipe it across my eye, almost nothing comes off.  Maybe a layer of shadow, but none of the waterproof products.  Which is interesting, seeing as it says that it removes waterproof makeup.  I have to basically scrub my eyelids to get anything off, and even if I scrub for an entire minute, I can't get everything off.  The texture of this remover causes the cotton pad to grab at my eyes, which only makes the rubbing worse.  And on top of all that, it really irritates my eyes.  My eyes are used to being poked and prodded with contacts, so if it irritates my eyes, it's bad.

Awkward Chic rating: C.  This doesn't function as a remover for me at all.  It irritates my eyes, and it's more expensive than my usual Neutrogena remover.  I think if you wear very minimal eye makeup (just a dash of liner and shadow) and don't have sensitive eyes, you might like this.

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  1. Have you ever tried Mary Kay eye makeup remover? i know some people who dislike it... but for my mom and I... takes everything off! If I have heavy duty makeup on I'll usually sit the soaked cotton pad on my eye for a second or two and then start wiping it off. Love it!

  2. I haven't actually. Do you have to get Mary Kay from a Mary Kay sales person? I really do like my Neutrogena one, but my evil CVS was out of it! It made me so sad.

  3. I agree, the L'oreal stuff is awful after using the Neutrogena oil free one.

  4. It really is! I've never returned anything to CVS before but that makeup remover :(



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