Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Current Makeup Loves

I've gotten a lot of new makeup lately (okay, not THAT lately, but within the last two months), so I thought I'd do an updated makeup I'm loving post.  This is just stuff that I find myself reaching for in the mornings before anything else (I do my makeup in bed now, it's basically the best thing ever).

Alright, so the giant palette is obviously Coastal Scents (the Metal Mania palette), the boxed blush is Benefit's Sugarbomb, the black tin is Make Up For Ever's Aqua Eye cream liner, the little pots are Fyrinnae shadows (Species 8472, Samhain Spirits, and Rapunzel Had Extensions from top to bottom), the pigment is MAC Vanilla, the glass pot is MAC Paintely, and the last one is MAC Cream Color Base in Root.

So what I've been doing lately is a soft, neutral but contoured eye with black gel liner, contoured cheek bones, and just a bit of blush.  I do Painterly across the lid (it's been so humid here, and without Painterly I would be a giant hot mess), and then I'll do one of the pale, cream-gold shadows from the Coastal Scents palette (like the top row/third from the left) across the inner third of the lid.  I'll do either Species 8472, which is a warm taupe with red shimmer, or Rapunzel had extensions, a peachy-pink with a gold duochrome, on the rest of the lid.  I'll put Samhain Spirits, which is a medium plummy brown, in the crease and on the lower lashline.  I love this look because it's all shimmery, soft neutrals, so the overall effect is subtle, but still fun.  I'll dab some Vanilla on my browbone and in my inner corners, and then apply the gel liner in my usual cat-eye shape.  I tried to give up the cat eye and save it for special occassions...but I like it too much.  It's been toned down a bit, though.  Like a teensy, little bit.  Sugarbomb is my new favorite blush.  It's been almost a month, and I still love it.  It makes me look healthy and glowy, but never flushed.  My newest addition is contouring with Root.  I used to use it as a shadow base, but I'm not so into the dark lids at the moment.  It works wonderfully as a contour with my 187 brush, because it's matte, and actually dark enough to work as a contour if used sparingly.

Here's the overall eye look.  This is 13 hours after I applied it, so it's a little faded and severely washed out from the camera, but look how well the gel liner lasts!  It was 80 degrees and humid today, and it still has a precise line.  That's a winner.

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