Thursday, September 16, 2010

Review: Sally Hansen Triple Strong Advanced Gel Nail Fortifier

Wow, that is a mouthful.  The Sally Hansen Triple Strong Advanced Gel Nail Fortifier is $5.99 at
I feel like Sally Hansen products always have unnecessarily long names.  Hmm.  Anywho, here's the press info on it:

Titanium is a lightweight, strong, lustrous metal that resists the damaging, corrosive effects of environmental stressors.
  1. With Epoxy Polymer to Reinforce & Protect
  2. With Calcium Complex To Help Strengthen & Support
  3. With Titanium Complex to Defend Against Breakage
Results Guaranteed
You Have:
  • Nails that break, peel or split
You Want:
  • Powerful protection against breaking
How it Works:
  • Instantly bonds to thin, weak nails.  Breakthrough gel suspension formula combines three nail strengtheners in one:  Epoxy Polymer reinforces nails and adds flexibility; Calcium Complex helps enhance nail structure; Titanium Complex helps defend against daily wear and tear.

Yeah.  So.  Lots of claims there.  On the sciencey side, I have no idea if any of those are true to be entirely honest.

The packaging: It comes in this little green bottle that kind of looks old school and apothecary-ish.  I really liked that, but it is a little odd looking.  It has a twist-off top with a regular sized, decent brush.

The product: So it says that it strengthens nails and keeps them from peeling or splitting.  I've been wearing it for the past two weeks, and my nails are normally very thin and prone to peeling (gotta love being a vegetarian).  I can't say yet ift this makes my nails a lot stronger themselves, but putting two coats of this on my nails makes my nails FEEL a lot firmer.  They feel really, really strong.  I can actually do things with my nails, and they don't feel so firm that they've become brittle.  I've been using it as a basecoat, and it's really great at that too.  I forgot to use it a few days ago for a manicure, and my polish lasted three days with terrible chipping.  I used this for my last manicure, and I got to six days before there was any visible wear.  That's double the wear time.  That's a big, big difference. 

Awkward Chic Rating: A+.  It's affordable, it makes my nails stronger and it makes my polish last a twice as long.  There's really no downside here.
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