Thursday, September 2, 2010

Anthropologie Home Cuteness

The one thing that really gets me about Anthropologie stores, aside from the clothes, is how they're decorated.  They're kind of like the run-down mansion of that eccentric family friend with a taste for cutesy French antiques, and it's decorated with home wares from all over the world that you can snatch up.  Like those awesome bins of drawer pulls and fluffy bedding and candles.  So while I'm moving into/decorating my dorm room, I thought I'd post on a few fun home pieces from Anthropologie that y'all could use to decorate.  Happy window shopping!

Perpetual Blooms Towels, $36 at, Cameo Wallpaper, $108 at You never really think about towels until you come across a pair of towels that's really, really nice, and it's like being hugged by a happy little cloud.  Well, those towels are really, really nice, and I love the giant, dark flowers on the light background.  It's very French Baroque meets Chinoserie, and they're just so darn cute.  They come in different colors, so you could coordinate them to your bathroom (ADORABLE).  Anthropologie has a surprisingly fab collection of wallpaper. They had one a few months ago with little Eiffel towers that I loved, but totally forgot to get, but now they have this cameo wallpaper that's totally calling to me.  It's a collage of framed, Victorian furniture, and would be fantastic in a tiny room, like a bathroom or a powder room.

Castelbel Artist Soap Tin, $10 at, Provencal Cookie Jar, $28 at Anthropologie has a great selection of beauty stuff, like soaps and candles and lotions, especially Frenchy-inspired soaps/candles/lotions.  This soap is adorable, because it comes in that soap tin, which you could totally use for jewelry once you were done with the soap.  The soap comes in three different scents, Artist, Author, and Poet, all of which sound lovely, but I think Poet, with green apple and peony, is a sure winner.  Is it weird that I kind of want a cookie jar for my dorm room?  Possibly to keep cookies in, or school supplies, or makeup even.  It's just really cute, and looks like you picked it up in the South of France, which is always a plus.

Inside Out Bowl, $8 at, Layer Cake Apron, $32 at In all honesty, my favorite part of the home section at this store is the dinnerware.  They have the cutest collection of bowls and cups and plates, and I definitely recommend hitting Anthropologie up during a store-wide sale.  I got a bowl, cup, and plate on Black Friday for $12.  $12!  And they're all really cute, and fun, and unique.  How cute is that apron???  It has little layer cakes on it, and a retro fit, and it's pink and white, and....and I wants it.  I in no way want to be a '50s housewife, but the idea of wearing a '50s housewife-esque apron every so often while making cupcakes kind of appeals to me.

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