Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Review: Coastal Scents 88 Metal Mania Palette

I finally got it!  Well, actually, my friend got it for me, but that's semantics.  It's AMAZING.  I mean first off, you get 88 different eyeshadows.  EIGHTY EIGHT shadows.  That's a lot of colors.  It's $24.95 at

Anyways, on to the picture porn.  The palette has a matte black case, which looks nice and fancy, but holds thumbprints and dust like you would not believe.  It's still pretty decent looking though, for a $25 palette.  On the inside you have the shadows, and a small mirror with two shadow sponge-brush clipped in next to it.  The brushes are basically useless, but the mirror could come in handy.  The shadows are lined up sort of in a color order, but not really.  Since it's the metal palette, all the shadows are shimmery/metallic.  Some of them are more metallic than others, but none of them are remotely matte.  They're all about the size of my thumbnail, maybe slightly larger.

As for the shadows themselves, they are pretty nice.  They aren't MAC quality, but they're better than NYX quality.  In the swatches below I just swiped my finger across the shadows once.  They are very, very pigmented, and they blend out pretty decently.  I would say that some of the darker shadows have a tendency to fade once you blend them out, but for the most part they're good.  The glitter fallout is minimal, and the wear is almost on par with my MAC shadows.  Since they're basically 28 cents a shadow, I'm not judging them too harshly.

So, the palette as a whole: I really like it.  I think it's a great buy.  I'd get it for two reasons: one, if you want a lot of the colors to use them just occasionally, and not often enough to justify buying a full-sized shadow, or two, if you want to see which colors you would want in full size, and you're using the palette to find out some new favorites.  I got it for both reasons; it has dupes of some MAC shadows that I wanted to test out (like Club), and it has dupes of some MAC shadows that I didn't want in full size, but still wanted to play with (like Cranberry).  I have so much fun in the morning picking out the colors I want to wear for the day.  The only caution I'd have with this is that you really need a good primer.  Without a primer, these might be a disaster.

Awkward Chic rating:  A.  This palette is a fantastic buy.  You get a wide color range of a lot of highly pigmented, good quality shadows for a great price, some of which are close MAC dupes.  For makeup beginners, you could do all your eye makeup from this one palette, which is so convenient.  I'd say it doesn't get an A+ because the shadows are just a little on the soft side, and because there's no metallic black.  I was really hoping for a metallic black.  But I would definitely look into getting another Coastal Scents Palette!

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