Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Flatiron with Built-in Treatment?

So I picked up the October issue of Allure today (verdict: Blake Lively is much less annoying than I expected), and there was a whole section on beauty breakthroughs.  This little flat iron was featured, and it totally caught my eye. 

The Remington Style Therapy Frizz-Resistant 1" Flat Iron is $49.99 at  Now, I'm sure you're thinking that it just looks like a regular iron, what's the big deal?  Well.

It has built-in silicone-based conditioner that disperses itself (in small amounts) onto your hair as you straighten it.  It's also a ceramic iron.  So, you have an iron that one, since it's ceramic it straightens quickly and for a long time, and two, actually makes your hair healthier as you straighten.  And it's less than $50.  I've been a devoted T3 fan for the last few years, but this...this intrigues me.  I was thinking of investing in a GHD, but this is so much cheaper and the reviews so far have been stellar.  Hm....

What do y'all think of the idea of putting hair treatments INSIDE the straightener?

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