Monday, September 13, 2010

NYFW Round-Up #3

There were so many shows this weekend.  I'm already drowning.  This is a problem.  Gah.  Here's part one of my very condensed version of looks I liked from the weekend.

Victoria Beckham, Prabal Gurung: Victoria Beckham is so known for corseting and tight, clean lines that I find it really refreshing to see her doing something so draped and casually sexy, instead of in your face sexy.  This black dress almost looks like a bathrobe, but in the hottest possible way.  The touch of bling at the shoulder elevates it to fancy-night-out-wear.  I'm loving Prabal Gurung's take on a wedding dress here.  It's so simple and futuristic--totally not what I'd expect in a wedding dress.  The long sleeves aren't too modest here in the sheer fabric, and the thigh-high slit balances out all that fabric.

Juan Carlos Obondo: I adore these jaunty, '50s silhouette dresses in their sci-fi-esque fabrics.  The cuts are sweetly retro, and the materials are so edgy.  It's the perfect study in contrasts.  The dress on the left might be my ideal LBD.  It's insanely flattering, it's easy to style in different ways, and it manages to strike the balance between dark and girly perfectly.  The dress on the right reminds me a bit of Proenza Schouler and Balenciaga.  The gradient/tie dye blue works so nicely with the simplicity of the cut, and it's just short enough to be sexy, but still covered-up enough to be able to wear to, say, dinner with the parents.

Edun, Band of Outsiders: This v-neck blouse/embellished skirt combination reminds me of that memorable Givenchy collection from about a year ago.  The shirt is very stark and minimalist, and the skirt is so modern/futuristic sex-kitten.  Together they are the perfect combination of polished and sensual, which makes it extremely versatile.  It's also a really easy look to dupe at home.  How adorable is this little Band of Outsiders dress?  So cute.  I look the slight sheerness against the slightly roomy cut, the nude, neutral hue, and the way it just slips off one shoulder.  It's young, it's fresh, and it's sexy in a twisted, Lolita sort of way.

Trend spotting: neutrals, '50s silhouettes, maxi dresses/skirts.

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