Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rainy Day Cozy Dressing

Today, Boston ain't so pretty.  First off, I'm sick.  And not even like normal cold sick, but I've just lost my voice for the last three days.  It's so obnoxious.  But second off, it's humid and foggy and rainy but not actually cold?  So it's this odd hybrid weather that's hard to dress for, and at a time when I really want to be comfy.  So in the world where I have a Narnia-sized magical closet of awesome designer pieces, this is what I'd be wearing today.

Rag & Bone Knit Pocket Dress, $185 at shopbop.com, Sandro Mohair-blend Sequin Sweater, $260 at net-a-porter.com: When I want to be warm and cozy, and look cute without putting too much effort into my ensemble, I'll go for a sweater dress.  They're an outfit in themselves.  I picked two different dresses for two different looks here.  Both of them are grey, a nice neutral that's easy to spice up with colorful accessories but can also stand alone.  For a classic, preppier look, this striped Rag & Bone dress is fab.  It has a polished, French girl vibe, and the pockets are both convenient and ingenue-cute.  For a slightly more rock and roll glam feel, this sequined Sandro dress is a great option.  The slightly retro silhouette is tempered by the short hemline, and the subtle sparkle of the sequins takes the oversized shape from boring to insouciantly sexy.

Rag & Bone Alpine Belt, $140 at shopbop.com, Commando Matte Opaque Tights, $34 at shopbop.com: With both of these dresses, I'd go for a dress to keep the inherent bulkiness of the sweater dress from being unflattering (especially with a roomier cut like the second dress).  I like this Rag & Bone belt because it's sturdy enough to contain all of the fabric of a sweater dress, and the warm brown is a nice contrast to the cooler grey tones.  Now, sweater dresses can ride up easily, so tights are essential.  Also, wearing a sweater dress with bare legs is just silly (are you hot?  are you cold?  make up your mind).  These black tights are great because they're very opaque, so they prevent any accidental exposure.

Hunter Festival Tall Boots, $225 at shopbop.com, Madewell Crystal & Chain Fringe Cuff, $58 at shopbop.com: Now, rainboots are clearly an essential for rainy weather, and I find that when you're feeling a bit blah, a good way to cheer yourself up is with fun statement pieces like these boots.  They're Hunters, so they're quality rainboots, but the textured strips and the studs give these a total rock and roll vibe.  There's no way that any girl would feel boring and under the weather in those boots.  For a final bit of sparkle, I'd go for a cuff bracelet.  When you're just doing one piece of jewelry, you can do a really strong, statement piece like this cuff.  The mixture of rhinestones and chain adds a lot of visual interest, and keeps up the rock and roll feel of the rainboots nicely.

Images from shopbop.com, net-a-porter.com, shopbop.com, shopbop.com, shopbop.com, shopbop.com.

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