Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hello, London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week, I have failed you.  I don't really know what to do with London Fashion Week.  It's really more like a three day marathon of shows, blink and you'll miss it.  Well, I sorta blinked, but here's my good college try at a LFW round-up.

Jaeger London, Clements Ribeiro: This is such a jaunty take on menswear, no?  The slightly oversized tuxedo vest, the white shirt, the slimmed, cropped trousers.  The pants are very flattering, and that flash of ankle is unexpectedly sexy.  The all neutral color palette is quite on trend, as well.  Now, I love this second dress.  It's such a unique take on floral print, with the gradation of color and pattern, and juxtaposed against that simple cut it all makes perfect sense.  I just wish that they hadn't thrown on that plastic lei-esque necklace.

Burberry, Peter Pilotto: I hate to say this, but the Burberry show this season disappointed me.  Bailey has played with the brand's heritage, tweaked it and modernized it for the last few seasons, but this year it felt like he pushed it too far, into cheap and derivative territory.  There were a few interesting takes on the classic trench that are worth note, like this one with a military twist.  With the buttons concentrated on the bodice and the neon belt, it felt fresh and unique.  This Peter Pilotto dress intrigues me.  If you ignore the white bits it's a simple patterned shift, but with the white fabric woven in it takes on an odd, slightly Rodarte-esque twist (but a bit more wearable).

Christopher Kane, Matthew Williamson: Oh, Christopher Kane.  He always has something eccentric up his sleeve.  This season it was British royals on acid, conservative little suits and shifts done in laser-cut neon leather.  I highly recommend checking out the entire show, it was fascinating to look at.  This dress in particular caught my eye.  The cut is very simple and modest, a bit old fashioned, but the pink patterned leather takes all that and throws it for a loop.  How interesting would this be on a red carpet?  I adore this Matthew Williamson dress.  At first the print is very English rose, sweet and vintagey, but if you look a little closer it takes on a savage quality, especially when you notice the bustier top and the black detailing.  You could dress this to emphasize the wildness of it, with a little black leather jacket and some crazy platforms, or you could take it the quirky-cute route with a fitted cardigan and a statement necklace.

Antonio Berardi, Basso & Brooke: The lines on this graphic little LBD are just so darn flattering.  The shape itself, body-hugging but not too tight, already does great things for any body, but the way that the center is black and the white panels curve up the side is a great optical illusion.  It tricks the eye into thinking that you're as wide as the black only, and the white panels just fall away.  It you have hips, this is the dress for you.  I love the combination of cut and print on this last dress.  The cut is very classic and slightly retro, with a bit of a sci-fi twist from the cutout at the bodice and the slightly twisted, post-apocalyptic postcard print.

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