Monday, October 11, 2010

Random Beauty Thoughts

I'm thinking I want to go nude.  No, get your mind out of the gutter.  I mean nude lips.  Although subconsciously I may be thinking nude face entirely, because I completely forget to put on foundation today, even though the bottle was right in front of me.  Sigh.  Mondays.  My general lip product routine is basically lip balm.  Maybe a pale pink gloss.  That's it.  Crazy, I know.  I'm just not a colored lip person, and I usually do strong eyes, so I avoid strong lips.  But lately I've wanted to branch out a bit, and do a lipstick.  

All my favorite YouTube beauty gurus have been doing these lovely pinky-nude MAC lippies, and I'm starting to crave one.  At the moment I'm thinking either Jubilee or Creme d'Nude.  I know they basically look the same here, but Jubilee is a naked beigey-pink and Creme d'Nude is a pale, muted pink-beige.  So Jubilee is a bit darker and a lustre finish, and Creme d'Nude is a bit lighter, more opaque, and a cremesheen finish.  I'm thinking I'll have to see them in person, but I just love the idea of a slightly glossy, muted lip.  It's just hard to walk that line because flattering nude and concealer lips/corpse nude.

I see both of these get paired with MAC's Lipglass in Nymphette a lot.  Now, I need a new lip gloss about as much as I need to get bronchitis again (aka not at all), but it's just so purdy.  And I love the name.  And it's a nude, sheer pink with a ton of gold shimmer.  I'm such a sucker for gold shimmer.

Also, in unrelated beauty news, Clemence Poesy of recent Gossip Girl fame, has gone back to her roots (pun intended) and dyed her hair a lovely deep blonde/light brown.  The funny thing is, it's my natural hair color exactly, and I totally love it on her, and totally hate it on myself.  I love that it's a little ombre, and faded towards the tips.  It makes it look so much more natural and lived in.  Isn't it crazy how such a small change in hair color can change someone's look so much?  She looks so much more foxy and mischievous with darker hair.

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  1. Creme d Nude gives a lot of people concealer lips, so please PLEASE try it before you buy! One of my favorite pinks is Hue. It's my My Lips But Better color :) I also like Ahoy There from Naughty Nauticals, which you can still find in CCOs.

    Nymphette is bomb. My mom is always stealing mine because she loves it so much. I think I might buy her her own for Christmas this year! Definitely a good purchase.

    Clemence Posey is from Harry Potter! I basically loved her on GG, too. Speaking of GG, will you agree with me that that Juliet chick can go die in a fire? Kthanks.

  2. I was originally looking in Myth, which apparently gives reliable concealer lip haha. I was thinking about Hue! Do you like it? Ooh I just looked up some swatches, that is lovely.

    Ah yay! I think I'm gonna get it as a present to myself. It's just so sparkly.

    Yes! She was good on GG but I can't help but think she's too classy for that show lol. HATE JULIET AND HER WEIRD PRISON BOY UGH.

  3. I LOVE Hue. It's a glaze finish, if that helps you any.

    I can't wait to watch the new GG tonight. Or at work if my boss leaves early >.> <.< (Those are shifty eyes, I just learned how to do them!)

  4. Ahahaha love the shifty eyes.

    GG was good! Except Chuck is crossing the line into creepertown and this Juliet plot is getting SO. OLD.

  5. Okay, I watched it. Not gonna lie, it was kinda boring. I miss romantic Chuck and the days before Juliet.

  6. My favorite part was always Blair/Serena hating each other in the early days and then the Chuck/Blair drama. And now they've basically killed all of that, so I just watch it for the clothes.



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