Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Review: Burt's Bees Hands

I don't know if you guys have noticed, but I really like nail polish.  I've been stalking my Zoya polish via USPS for over a week now (ALMOST HERE).  But nothing ruins a great manicure like dry hands and cracked cuticles.  I've had these Burt's Bees products for a while now, but I didn't start using them until recently. 

Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, $6 at I have the mini (half-sized, I think) version of this cuticle butter.  I've been using it daily for the last month, and I've barely made a dent in it.  Think about how long the regular sized version would last!  And at $6, that's such a bargain.  As for the actual product, it really smells like lemons.  Not in a fake, Pledge sort of way, but literally like you cut open a lemon and shoved it in front of your nose.  The consistency is very thick and oily, but it rubs in nicely so that it doesn't leave an oily reside on your fingers.  The lemon scent lingers a bit, but it isn't overwhelming.  Now, I have normal, non-dry cuticles, and while this cream makes my cuticles and nails really happy, I had to test it on my roommate.  She has crazy dry, cracked, bleeding cuticles, and this balm totally conquered them.  There are really no cons here.  It's cheap, it smells good, it works, and it's eco-friendly.

Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Creme, $9 at I've never felt a need to use hand balm, but since I have this I've been using it, and I'm a total convert.  With this creme, a little goes a long way.  You could probably get a year out of this $9 jar, which is pretty affordable.  The consistency is very thick and creamy, not at all oily, and it rubs in completely, leaving you with baby soft hands.  This stuff works really, really well.  My only issue with it is the smell.  It smells just like almond extract, which smells exactly like marzipan.  I. Hate. Marzipan.  It's so sickly sweet, it makes me nauseous.  The smell of this creme doesn't make me sick, but I'm not a fan.  However, the scent doesn't carry very far or last very long, so it's not a huge issue.

Awkward Chic rating: A.  Both of these are affordable and really, really work.  Lemon and almond aren't my favorite scents, but they aren't offensive.

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