Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So my Mac charger decided to die today.  Which doesn't sound that inconvenient, except my battery life ain't so great anymore, and again, I have no charger, so I'm struggling to write this post before my laptop dies.  If posting is a little unreliable for the next few days, it isn't because I don't love you guys, it's because I literally can't turn my computer on.

It's just a short post today, then.  First off, Tanya Burr (my fave Brit YouTube beauty guru) posted a makeup tutorial that's hilariously identical to the look I wear every day, making me realize just how high maintenance I am.  But anyways, it's a really pretty look.  Y'all should watch it.  

And now some pretty boots.  I totally adore my Frye Melissa boots, but I think I wear them too much.  Because I wear them basically every day, which is probably a little too much.  I'm thinking I want to invest in another pair of boots, maybe different from the basic equestrian style I already own?

Chloe Wool-lined Leather Boots, $1,195 at net-a-porter.com: Obviously I won't actually buy these (looks at price tag--faints), but how pretty and almost practical are they?  The leather is nice and durable, the wool lining will keep you warm so  you don't have to resort to Uggs, and the wrap-around straps give these a nice slightly boho/'70s twist.  I thinking these with dark wash jeans, an open front, drapey cardigan, and a soft, off-white v-neck.  Drool.

Frye Carmen Harness Short Boots, $298 at thefryecompany.com: On a slightly more realistic note, these boots are just so spunky and adorable.  I'm thinking that since I have knee-high boots, I want either shorter or taller boots as my second pair.  Taller is more on-trend, but shorter is more practical.  The harness on these gives them a bit of a motorcycle edge, the upturned toe and pull-on tabs say cowboy, and the washed-out grey hue is very downtown chic.  I really like the idea of these anchoring a floaty little dress or adding a little sass to some basic jeans.

Frye Harlow Campus Boots, $398 at thefryecompany.com: These are so international sexy super-spy boots, no?  They're not quite over the knee, but they're definitely not below the knee boots.  The 4 inch heels say don't mess with me (also OW, but that's less fun), and the clean lines of these babies keep them from getting too over the top sexy.

Images from net-a-porter.com, thefryecompany.com, thefryecompany.com.

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