Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lovelyish Style Challenge

The editors over at Lovelyish asked me to participate in a style challenge: picking an outfit based on my favorite fall boots.  Well, my favorite fall boots also happen to be my only boots, the Frye Melissa boots.

Tada!  My babies.  I've had them since last January.  They are awesome.  See how they stand up by themselves?  That's how sturdy the leather is!  I shopped around for boots for almost six months before getting these, and they were so worth the wait.  They've broken in so nicely, and are the perfect blend between cowboy and equestrian boots.

For fall, I generally tend to wear these with jeans (especially since fall in Massachusetts is synonymous with 50 degrees and freezing).  Since the boots are on the rugged side, I like to do a more polished, dark wash jean like my J. Brand jeans.  To add a little punch, I added this Forever 21 green leopard print tank.  It has a nice amount of drape to balance out the structure of the jeans and boots, but it's still flattering.  I throw on my Tiffanys key necklace to add a little more visual interest, and then the Walter leather jacket if it's cold out.  The leather and the leopard go so well together--very glam rock.

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