Friday, October 22, 2010

It's Sephora Friends and Family Time!

I LOVE IT WHEN MAKEUP GOES ON SALE.  I mean it's not really on sale in this case, but you get a 20% off discount code (FF2010) and free shipping over $50.  This sale lasts til 11/03/10, so get on that.  This is the perfect occasion to buy something you haven't quite been able to justify, because honestly, makeup never goes on sale.  Ever.  This is as good as it gets.  Here are a few things I've been eying. 

Philosophy Eye Believe, $30 at, Guerlain Meteorites Luminizer, $56 at Eye cream!  I trust Philosophy when it comes to skin care.  This eye cream promises to reduce dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines with a bunch of ingredients that I've never heard of but that sound very sciency.  I can't deal with science, I just trust the long words.  But it has great reviews on the Sephora website, so it must be good.  I've wanted a Meteorites luminizer for such a long time.  They just look so chic and old-school on your vanity, the packaging is fab, and I love that they combine different colors to create different effects.  Blue and green to reduce redness, purple to reduce yellowness, etc, etc.  You can get it in gold, pink, or beige.  I'm thinking gold or beige.  The idea of adding pink all over my face terrifies me.

Dior Skin Shimmer, $44 at, Benefit Hoola Bronzer, $28 at I am seriously craving this Dior Skin Shimmer in Amber Diamond (a bronzey-champagne).  The shimmer is so fine that it looks more like a lit-from-within glow than anything I've seen, it lasts forever, and this is pathetic, but the Dior compacts are so nice.  They have this really satisfying click when you close them that makes me want to have one so badly.  I've been looking for a good matte bronzer for a while now, and Hoola is the best option I've found.  It's totally matte, just deep enough to make a convincing contour, and doesn't skew yellow or orange.  I've had such good luck with Benefit's Sugarbomb that I'm dying to get another of their boxed powders.

Laura Mercier Secret Camoflague, $28 at, Urban Decay Mattifying Gel, $28 at I've seen this Laura Mercier concealer in a bunch of YouTube beauty videos lately.  It seems to work as an imperfection concealer AND an under-eye concealer, which is fab, and you get two shades so that you can mix to match your skin tone perfectly.  I am in desperate need of a mattifier.  I can powder all day, but by noon I'm still an oil slick.  It's SO ANNOYING, because it makes you look gross and sloppy.  I've heard good things about this mattifier, and it seems to make pores look smaller too, which is always a plus.

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