Monday, October 25, 2010

Little Red Dress

So while I was prowling around Rent the Runway like I mentioned in my previous post, I stumbled across this dress.  My goal for the event I'm going to (a sorority formal) is just to look hot.  Honestly.  I wanted something fun and semi-formal and on-trend, and something that I could style differently and wear again.  

I've actually liked this Rebecca Taylor dress for a long time, but it never went on sale ($400 is not cheap!), so I forgot about it.  And then there it was on Rent the Runway for $50!  Right before I was about to rent it I decided to check and see if it was on eBay.  And it was there in my size for just $40 more than the 4 day rental price.  That's what I call fate.

Cosmo Engine Dress by Rebecca Taylor, $50 for four days at It's cuter in person, I promise.  It's a warm, corally-red, covered in silk micro-pleats, zippered up the bodice, and has little ties at the shoulders.  I love.  I think I can do it with a little leather jacket and flats for more daytime, and sky-high heels and some statement jewelry for night time.

 For the event I have coming up, I'm thinking black platform pumps and some sort of cuff bracelet.  I like these Jeffrey Campbell Tabitha Lace Platform Pumps, $130 at,  and this Madewell Crystal & Chain Fringe Cuff, $58 at  I wanted a neutral pump that would sharpen up the girly dress a bit.  These black platforms seem all intense and hardcore from far away, but when you get closer you can see the slightly girly twist in the lace detailing that really works with the idea of the dress.  I didn't want to do a necklace for this dress because I think it would interfere with the neckline and the zipper.  This Madewell cuff works because it adds a rock and roll vibe to the dress without being so over the top that it steals the show entirely.

I'll post some pictures of the dress when I get it (probably over the weekend).

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  1. the outfit is sooo cute and sexy!!

    i want those shoes. immediatly!!

    you have an amazing style =)



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