Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Craving: Cute Rain Boots

It's monsooning in Massachusetts, which wouldn't upset me so much if it wasn't only OCTOBER.  I was promised two months of fall!  Not four weeks!  I just can't handle the idea of winter descending on me so quickly.  Gah.  The only thing I like about rainy weather is that I get to wear my Hunter rain boots.  Living on a college campus you see a lot of rain boots, some cute and some...not so cute.  So I thought I'd round up a couple of adorable rain boots for some gloomy day shopping inspiration.

Hunter Original Boots, $125 at, Hunter Welly Socks, $35.95 at So I have these Hunter boots in black.  I got them a little over a year ago, and I wear them basically all the time--in rain, in snow, to the barn, etc.  They're super durable, you can wear them with basically anything, and they are 100% waterproof.  I literally stood in a puddle of water 12 inches deep to test them, and zero leaks.  That's really impressive.  Mine are the matte black ones, which means that they go with everything, but I kind of wish I'd gotten this hunter green pair (pun intended).  The green is still a neutral, but it's a little more fun and a little more classic English gentry (the origin of said boots).  Now, if y'all haven't heard, Hunter also makes welly socks for their boots.  These are fleece removable boot liners that come in a wide range of colors and fabrics, and they have the Hunter label attached in case anyone was worried about losing that.  These pink ones are so adorable, but I kind of want a pair of green socks for my black boots, just because green goes with so much more of what I already own.

Hunter Festival Short Welly Boots, $205 at, Kors Michael Kors Stormy Wellington Boots, $125 at If you like your rain boots with a little more sass, I totally recommend these short Hunters.  One, since they're Hunters you know the quality is there, two, that cobalt color is both versatile and completely adorable and spunky, and two, the textured and studded rubber gives these a total rock and roll vibe that you don't usually get in a pair of rain boots.  What I really like about these Michael Kors boots is that they look like the Frye Harness boots.  They don't look like rain boots at all, just a shiny pair of motorcycle boots.  They're very downtown, edgy-hipster chic, no?

Chooka Panthera Rain Boot, $69.95 at, Chooka Crocodilla Rain Boot, $79.95 at These two boots are slightly cheaper (I know none of these are cheap, but trust me, with rain boots you really get what you pay for).  I love the idea of leopard print rain boots.  It's so spunky, and since the print is in muted greys and browns, it's a lot more wearable than it sounds.  Just think about getting up in the morning, already depressed about how it's raining, and then getting to put on leopard print rain boots.  It makes you smile, doesn't it?  Or, if you're a little more uptown, these mock-croc embossed boots are a great option.  The patent sheen, subtle texture, and the gold hardware are all so polished in a Sydney Bristow sort of way.

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