Thursday, October 7, 2010

Autumn Beauty Wants

I was going to do some Paris Fashion Week round-ups, but is throwing a fit right now, so that didn't work out (general thoughts: McQueen = love).  So instead I thought I'd do a little round-up of fall beauty products that I'm craving.

By Lauren Luke My Vintage Glams Palette, $32.50 at, Narcisco Rodriguez for Her Musc, $92 at So I wear warm shimmery eye shadows basically all the time, but they're particularly appropriate for fall, no?  I've watched Lauren Luke's videos a lot, and I love that she has a makeup line now.  This palette is so handy; two shades of shadow primer, three shadows, a cream liner, and a blush.  You can do almost your entire face from this one palette, and in pretty warm pinks and purples.  I basically wear the same scents all year round, but if I had the extra cash, I'd totally buy this Narcisco Rodriguez perfume just for fall.  It's like the perfume equivalent of a cashmere sweater, soft and warm and close to the skin.

Philosophy Cinnamon Hot Dots Showergel, $16 at, Philosophy Red Apple Shower Gel, $16 at When I think fall beauty, I definitely think of scents first, especially apples and cinnamon and pumpkins.  Mmmm, yummy.  Philosophy is so great for off-beat, scented body products.  I really want to grab the Pumpkin Spice Muffin one when it comes out again, but in the meantime there's Cinnamon Dots and Red Apple.  Cinnamon is so Christmassy, and Red Apple reminds me of apple cider, which is basically AMAZINGNESS. 

Bath and Body Works Twilight Woods Body Lotion, $10.50 at, Bath and Body Works Leaves Candle, $19.50 at If you like to go the woodsier route, Bath and Body Works has a lot of great options.  I like Twilight Woods (aside from it having the unfortunate Twilight in the name and reminding me of pale sparklely people), because it has a subtle, musky scent that's girly but not too cloying.  I so wish I could have candles in my dorm room.  I'm a scented room freak.  Who wouldn't want their room to smell like golden nectar, juicy mandarin, red apple, cinnamon sticks, mulled cider, and red berries?  Plus, it's giant 3-wick candle, so it'll last forever.

Zoya Valerie swatch, OPI Let Me Entertain You swatch: I just bought both of these, and I'm SO EXCITED.  Valerie is a medium, vibrant purple with gold and pink shimmer, which totally solves the problem of a vampy purple coming across as too dark!  Now it just comes across as gorgeously purple and sparkly!  GAAHHHH love.  Let Me Entertain You is from OPI's collaboration with the Burlesque movie (Cher, Christina Aguliera, etc), and it's a deep magenta with glass flake shimmer.  I just can't deal with the level of shimmer going on here.  It's astronomical levels of shimmer.  As soon as I get these Valerie is going on my nails and LMEY on my toes.

Fresh Sugar Plum Tinted Lip Treatment, $22.50 at I'm not a bold lip color person at all, but even I think of berry lips when I think fall.  Lipstick is pushing it a little far for me (I know, I know), but I love tinted lip balms like this Fresh one.  I've wanted one of the Fresh lip treatments FOREVA, and this one has this gorgeous wine hue that's just sheer enough to be a little vampy.  Plus it has SPF 14, so you're doing yourself good by wearing it!

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