Monday, October 18, 2010

British Invasion

Today is a random day.  Enough said.  

Illamasqua Cream Blusher in Lies, $24 at This isn't the sort of thing I'd look at and just immediately go "WANT."  It's a pale, warm pink shimmery blush.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, blush scares me.  The idea of adding pink/redness to my face makes me start nervously twitching.  However, I have been loving and diligently using Benefit's Sugarbomb, which is a blush-highlighter COMBO.  Fancy, I know.  The combination of a little bit of color and a little bit of sparkle is a nice way to dip my toe into the pool of blushers without going full-on clown cheeks.  The only thing I'd change about Sugarbomb is that I wish it was a cream instead of a powder--you just get a really nice, realistic-looking glow with cream formulas.  Now, Lies (swatched here), goes on as a pale pink with a dewy gold highlight.  One of my fave YouTube gurus, Tanya Burr, uses this as a cheek highlight and it looks gorgeous--warm and dewy without coming across as frosty.  Plus, since it's Illasmasqua you know the packaging and product are high quality.  I just wish they actually had Illamasqua in more Sephora stores.  Sigh.

 Winter Kate Tate Skirt, $198 at, MINKPINK A Little Bit Spesh Dress, $98 at My new skirt philosophy is this: go big or go home.  Either do a pencil or an a-line, none of those shapeless, sorta straight silhouettes.  They just aren't as flattering.  I know Winter Kate is Nicole Richie's line, but putting that aside I quite like this skirt.  It's made from vintage silk, so it has a slightly lived-in air to it, and the emphasized waist and dramatic a-line go quite well together.  It will call attention to your waist and give you an insta-hourglass figure.  I think illusion netting can be tricky to pull off.  Sometimes it comes across as cute and coy, and sometimes it looks childish and awkward.  This dress is definitely the former.  You get all the drama of long sleeves with all the exposed skin of a strapless dress, and it's infinitely more practical for colder weather.  I really love that the sheer fabric has those Swiss dots--they almost seem to float around the dress.

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