Friday, October 1, 2010

Currently Craving: Blush Tees

I'm trying really hard to stay away from basic black, white, and grey tees.  Not that I have any issues with those colors, but I've realized recently that 90% of my shirts are v-necks in those colors.  Which makes for a nice wardrobe full of basics, but at the same time a little devoid of color and quirkiness.  Recently, during my fashion daydreams (yes, I have fashion daydreams, I know, I'm really cool), I've been craving...girly colors.  I know, it's scaring me too.  Girly isn't really in my dressing vocabulary.  My solution for any blah outfit is to throw a leather jacket on top of it.  But for some reason, I just really want a blush pink drapey v-neck.

American Apparel Sheer Jersey Deep V-neck, $22 at, KAIN Label Pocket Tank, $80 at In an ideal world, I'd get that KAIN tank.  It's the perfect combination of draped and fitted, and the slightly sheerness sexes up the lilac hue.  But in reality, I'll probably end up with this American Apparel tee, a nice versatile deep v-neck in that pretty pale pink.  I'm thinking that a really light pink (not too Barbie-ish) will be a flattering, off-beat alternative to white or off-white.

KAIN Label 3 Strap Back Tee, $48.50 down from $98 at So in all my searching for pink and KAIN tees, I stumbled across this KAIN tee on sale at Singer22.  It comes in black, orange, and this berry-red hue (it's a little less glaring in person).  I caved on it.  I've always wanted a KAIN tee, it was on sale, I got my paycheck yesterday, and I love that from the front it's a basic scoop-neck, but from the back it's got a little extra sass.

J. Brand Midrise Straight Leg Jeans, $159 at, Frye Melissa Boots, $318 at But back to the idea of blush tops.  I'd pair my blush v-neck with a pair of dark wash, slim jeans and a pair of dark brown equestrian boots.  I also happen to be wearing both of these, so they're on my mind.  The dark jeans temper the sweetness of the pink tee, and the leather boots add a bit of a rugged touch, while the dark brown doesn't compete with the pink for attention.  Throw on a glam statement necklace (maybe some crystals and chains) and you've got the cutest combination of girly and rock and roll.

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