Friday, October 15, 2010

Outfit of the Day: Cranberry

I finally made it into Boston today to grab this American Apparel red pencil skirt.  It's supposed to be part of my Halloween costume, but I'm honestly more excited to wear it in real life.

It's $32 on the American Apparel website, and comes in a ton of different colors.  I got the cranberry because it's so yummy and fall appropriate.  Now, I'm just over 5'8' and this skirt is LONG on me.  I had to fold over the waistband to get it to a flattering length, but I'd say that if you're under 5'6' this skirt could give you some problems.  The material is a thick jersey, which is nice, but since it's jersey it will stretch out and it won't hold you in the way a thicker fabric would.  I'd say the sizing is standard American Apparel sizing.  I got a medium, and I generally wear a 4 or a 28 in jeans.

Skirt: American Apparel, shirt: J. Crew, belt: vintage, boots: Frye, sunglasses: Ray-Ban, jewelry: Tiffanys and vintage.  I did an off-white shirt with this to keep the warm, autumn color theme going, and the boots and the belt for a bit of a '70s twist.


  1. You are tall and tiny, therefore, I hate you. Not really. But almost ;P



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