Monday, October 11, 2010

Runway Meets Real Way: '70s

I am opposed to buying a Halloween costume that you can only wear on Halloween on principle.  Why am I going to spend a good amount of money on something I only wear once (and if I can only wear it once, it's guaranteed to be pretty ridiculous)?  This is sad, but I judge purchases like that in terms of how many MAC shadows I could have bought instead.  If I spend $45 on a wear-once costume, I just lost out on 3 MAC shadows.  Not cool.  Instead, I will always find an excuse to do a Halloween costume that involves pieces that I wanted to buy anyways (I justified my Ray-Bans as part of an Audrey Hepburn costume.  Yes, I'm that nerdy).  Take this year's costume.  I need to get this red American Apparel pencil skirt, and I've already started planning non-Halloweeny outfits around it.  I'm actually really excited about it.  I'm really feeling a '70s-inspired, slightly retro school teacher/equestrian ensemble.

American Apparel Interlock Pencil Skirt in Cranberry, $32 at, KAIN Label Pocket Tank, $80 at Here's the skirt.  It's a rusty red color, which is totally on-trend for fall, and also a complete departure from the rest of my closet.  Red scares me.  I own officially one red piece of clothing, and I just got it a week ago.  The idea of wearing so much red in one outfit would scare me if it was a top, but it totally works as a bottom.  You get all the impact of red without all that color up by your face (yes, that much color by my face scares me).  Also, I'm trying to stock up on pencil skirts.  I have a very hourglassy figure, and the slight a-line skirts I have just don't flatter that.  See, it's a practical Halloween costume!  I'd pair the form-fitted skirt with a lighter, softer top like this KAIN tank.  The skirt is all business and structure, and the tank adds a little flow and a little sexiness with the sheerness.  Plus, since it's so thin, it won't look all lumpy and bumpy when tucked into the skirt.

Frye Melissa Button Boots, $318 at, Foley + Corinna Mid City Tote, $395 at In keeping with the '70s vibe, I'd do accessories in warm brown leather.  The rusty red and equestrian inspired leather pieces just feel so '70s, no?  I'd wear the skirt with these boots because, well, I have these boots.  And I have this bag.  Hehe.  But I do think they all really work together nicely.  The boots add a rugged twist, and the bag is not only a '70s inspired shape, but ties together the outfit from head to toe.  Also it's just an awesome bag.  I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a basic, practical bag that will wear well and get you tons of compliments.

Bing Bang Tiny Skull Stud Earrings, $30 at, Erica Klein Horse Necklace, $140 at I love the idea of adding a little subversive twist with the jewelry.  These studs look just like basic studs from far away because they're so small, but once you get up close you see that they're little skulls, which adds a fun, offbeat vibe to the ensemble.  Plus, they're gold-plated, which means they won't irritate your ears.  The horse necklace ties in with the equestrian vibe, and is unexpected and quirky in a polished way.  I think the '70s are definitely about warm, gold jewelry.

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