Thursday, October 14, 2010

Boots, Bows, and Leopards.

I'm in a very shoppy mood today.  I've bookmarked about 20 things to buy (problem), and so I'm getting some of them out of my system by blogging them. Woohoo.

Jeffrey Campbell Mariel Wedge Sandals, $117.60 on sale at, Porter Grey Bow Back Dress, $410 at I'm torn between thinking that these shoes are heinous or adorable.  Since the weekend is over for me, I'm feeling generous and going with adorable.  The leopard print certainly makes a statement, but the simple, clean lines of the wedges keep it from being over the top.  I'd pair these with bare legs and a floaty sundress, or a pair of straight leg, dark wash jeans.  You want to do something simple below the waist to keep from looking too cluttered and over the top--let the shoes be the main focus.  The back of this Porter Grey dress is possibly the cutest thing ever.  I love that the bows look like oversized bow ties, and that the exposed skin tempers all the cuteness, but I especially love that the front is completely plain and high-necked. 

Theory Gretchen Leather Miniskirt, $595 at, Hunter Regent Boots, $150 at Something about the idea of a leather miniskirt just gets me.  It's a refreshing alternative to the leather jacket, and while it's a little on the bad-ass side on its own, you could style it to make it wearable and girly.  I'd pair it with a slightly drapey, pale pink v-neck and a pair of wedges in a fun color, like coral or emerald green.  Plus, the ribbed waistband makes it actually comfy.  How hot are these Hunters?  How did I not notice them before???  I love the contoured lines, the diagonal cut of the top, and the high-gloss finish.  These aren't your average frumpy wellies.  These are sexy and fashion forward and might actually make rainy days bearable (if such a thing is possible).

Leopard Print Pashmina, $19.99 at Okay, so I already have a leopard print scarf, but it's a heavy purple and metallic silver one, which is totally adorable but not as wearable as I'd like.  I really want a light, pashmina-esque leopard print scarf in neutral colors, and when all the ones on Shopbop were $200+, I turned to eBay.  Love, love, love eBay.  $20 for this awesome pashmina?  Yes, please.  This plus a white neck, jeans, and boots = totally easy but totally hot weekend outfit.

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