Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Xmas List

First off, I want to make sure no one assumes my parents will be buying me all of these things.  I will probably end up buying half of it for myself.  If I'm lucky.  Anyways, here are some of the things that I want for Christmas.

Pink iPod Nano 8 GB, $139.95 at amazon.com: I really, really need a new iPod.  Mine is basically a useless brick at this point.  I tend to sleep with my iPod (mind out of the gutter), and since it's an iPod Touch, me falling asleep on the touch screen makes it basically unable for the iPod for function without me sitting on top of it.  Which just isn't practical for daily life.  I like this iPod because it's tiny and pink, it has a touch screen (but a small one that would be harder for me to break!), and it has a clip on the back for me to clip on to my shirt when I'm running!  Such a win.

MAC Eyeshadow in Sable, $14.50 at maccosmetics.com: Sable is a gold-plum shadow with bronze pearl (veluxe pearl finish), and it's basically everything that I wanted Satin Taupe to be.  It' a warm, deep but versatile basic shade that would look great with my hazel eyes, and could work as a lid or a crease shade.

Frye Carmen Harness Short, $298 at fryeboots.com: Y'all know I want these.  They're so pretty.  They're nice and rugged without being too mannish, and the little heel is so sassy.  I love the tapping sound these make when you walk, and with these heels I'll be 5'11.  Ack!  So tall.  I will probably end up buying these for myself. 

Ray-Ban Oversized Wayfarers, $139 at revolveclothing.com: Yes, I know, I have the regular Wayfarers and the aviators, but...I want these.  The oversized shape makes them so darn chic, and they look just like the Audrey Hepburn ones from Breakfast at Tiffanys. 

J. Brand Jeggings, $139 at shopbop.com: I'm caving.  I want jeggings.  BUT just to wear with boots, I swear.  They're just so easy to tuck into boots without looking bulky.  I love these J. Brand jeggings because they look like real jeans, with zippers and back pockets and everything, but they feel like pajamas.  And that's always a plus.

Love Me Sugar Paris Boudoir Eye Mask, $15 at etsy.com:

Viv & Ingird Horseshoe Earrings, $65 at vivandingrid.com: I've had a pair of Viv & Ingrid earrings for the past year, and I wear them basically every day.  They're basically indestructible.  I wore them for 6 months straight after I pierced my ears, and they never got lose or fell out.  I love that these are tiny horseshoes, one because I ride, and two because they're a little good luck charm to carry around with you all day.

ASTARS Ventura Highway Top, $66 at alpinestars.com: I've decided this is the best t-shirt ever.  I got it a year ago and I've basically worn it to pieces.  It's flattering, it's comfy, and it works for day and night.  I know $66 is a lot for a shirt, but trust me, this one is so, so worth it.

Images from amazon.com, amanda11762.blogspot.com, fryeboots.com, revolveclothing.com, shopbop.com, etsy.com, vivandingrid.com, alpinestars.com.

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