Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Current Fashion Inspiration: Only Girl in the World

I know I'm a little slow to catch on with this one, but I really love the newest Rihanna video, Only Girl in the World.  I like the song, but I love the staging and the clothes--it's shot with extreme color filters in some chaparral hills around southern California.  The clothes have a great, faded post-Apocalyptic color palette, and the clothes themselves are really girly, which makes for a fun contrast.  

Rihanna: Only Girl in the World.  Watch it.  Trust me.

So of course I had to use this as an excuse to go shopping and find some pretty clothes that were inspired by the video.

Alice + Olivia Dress with Organza Skirt, $298 at shopbop.com, Elizabeth & James James VI Blazer, $395 at shopbop.com: The skirt on this dress is basically identical to one she wears in the video.  On top of that, it's pretty, the faded rose hue is romantic without being too cutesy, and the contrast between the streamlined, fitted top and the textured, voluminous skirt works perfectly.  For a more structured take on the look, and a fun twist on the usual officewear, you could do a boyfriend blazer in a mauvey-beige like this Elizabeth & James blazer.  The boyfriend cut balances out the quirky feminine hue, and the slight sheen of the fabric gives it all an offbeat twist.

By Malene Birger Baquilla Mohair Sweater, $235 at shopbop.com, Alice + Olivia Cascade Cardigan, with Fur Collar, $550 at shopbop.com: There were a fair amount of knits and furs in this video, both of which can look really heavy if you aren't careful.  I'd follow Rihanna's lead her and stick with muted pastels and lighter fabrics.  The open knit of this first sweater looks a lot like Rodarte, which goes with the aesthetic of the video nicely, and the slouchy fit keeps all that sheerness from being too sexy.  The black-tipped pink-fur collar on this second cardigan is just sick.  In a good way.  Combined with the pink cashmere sweater, the pink fur is very daytime girly-glam, and then when you add in the black accents and the hook and eye closures it all takes on a deliciously dark twist.

Alice + Olivia Marianna Rhinestone Dress, $596 at shopbop.com, 3.1 Phillip Lim Laser-Cut Silk Dress, $695 at net-a-porter.com: If you want to go the fairy princess route, which she definitely explores in this video, do it in mixed textures and a lovely warm, dusty rose-beige like these dresses.  The rhinestones, bows, and ruffles of the Alice + Olivia dress would almost be too much if it weren't for the haphazard nature of the layers on the skirt and the faded, neutral colors.  The laser-cutting on this Phillip Lim dress, combined with the handkerchief hem and uneven layers takes what would be a very feminine babydoll dress and puts it in more Rodarte territory.  It's pretty on first glance, but then you start to realize that something's a little off.  Which is the best part.

The key to styling pieces like these is to keep in mind that they are very girly, and need a little rustic or edgy twist to keep them from being too precious, like a pair of brown leather boots or a little motorcycle jacket.

Images from shopbop.com, shopbop.com, shopbop.com, shopbop.com, shopbop.com, net-a-porter.com.


  1. oh my god

    that philip lim dress is so gorgeous

    i want


    will you please do a little post about prom dress maybe?

    im looking for something that is V neck
    and maybe black or purple

  2. i'll definitely do a post on prom later in the year :)



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