Monday, November 22, 2010

Crystal Renn and the Plus Size Debate

This spread from the recent issue of Harper's Bazaar has caused a lot of controversy in the blogosphere recently.  There's been a lot of drama over Crystal's weight fluctuating, and how people think that as a plus size model she needs to stay plus size (especially as the poster child for plus size models).

To which I have to say: who cares if she loses some weight?  I think the fact that she looks a lot thinner in these is mostly due to the lighting and camera angles.

I read her autobiography over summer break, and here's what I think happened.  She had a severe eating disorder for most of her teenage years, and to help herself get over it she stopped going to the gym, where she would work out obsessively.  And she's said recently that she's just been able to start working out in a healthy way again, so I think that might be a big part of it.  The girl already has so much speculation over her body as a plus size model.  Give her a break.

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  1. Wait, this woman is supposed to be plus size? She looks like a size 2-4, at most.

  2. There's definitely some tricky angles going on here because she's an 8 at the least. She is just RIDICULOUSLY well proportioned.



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