Thursday, November 4, 2010

Inspired by: Marie Antoinette

I'm probably the only person out there who actually liked the Marie Antoinette movie that came out a couple years ago. It might not have been the most plot-driven movie ever, but it was definitely visually inspiring. The Manolo Blahnik shoes, the frothy dresses, the candy colors, Kiersten Dunst, the music, the ridiculous food. It's just a really fun movie to watch (fun fact, the last time I watched it was right after I got my wisdom teeth out and was hopped up on painkillers.  Fun, fun times).  I loved the super girly, romantic style of the movie, and so I rounded up a couple of dresses and such that I thought fit a modern take on the Marie Antoinette style--lots of pastels, lace, sparkles, lingerie inspiration, etc.

Bird by Juicy Couture Wool-cashmere Sequined Cardigan, $450 at, Alice + Olivia Georgette Draped Mini-dress, $370 at I feel like Marie Antoinette would have been all over this cardigan.  It's pink, it's (partially) cashmere, and it's covered in sequins but doesn't manage to look like a disco ball.  I'd pair this with something simple, maybe a pair of dark wash, Audrey Hepburn cropped jeans and a plain white v-neck.  This dress is a more subtle option--the sumptuous draping really reminded me of the period, and since it's balanced out by the simple top and black waist-detail, it doesn't come across as too heavy or old-fashioned.

L'Agence Crepe Belted Dress, $350 at, ALICE by Temperley Claudia Stud-embellished Skirt, $250 at My favorite outfit in Marie Antoinette was her nightgown.  So pretty.  The lingerie-inspired pieces in that film at fantastic.  I picked this dress because it had a similar boudoir feel, in a very pared-down, modern way.  The little ruffles at the neckline and the bow at the waist could have come straight out of the film, but the slip dress silhouette is very now, so it all works.  I heart this skirt.  The bow and the pale pink hue totally fit with the vibe of the movie, and I think that the offbeat combination of the studs with the girly pencil skirt is something Marie Antoinette would have approved of (girl made some daring fashion choices).  How adorable would this be with a plain white tank and some layered necklaces?

Paul & Joe Festi Lace Mini Skirt, $590 at, Lanvin Pouchette Oulouette Satin Bag, $1,185 at This skirt has a similar thing going on--very conservative, girly cut and material, and then you get the pop of edginess with the detailing--the zippers here.  Come to think of it, this would great for a holiday party, no?  This bag just kills me.  The feather, the purple silk, the chain strap, it all reminds me of the outfit she wears to the party in Paris she sneaks off to.  It's all very dramatic, but in a refined, feminine way.  If only that price tag was cut in half.  Or thirds.  Or eighths.

Also, I'm dying to get my hands on this.

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