Monday, November 29, 2010

Review: Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lipgloss

Confession: I have never been a big fan of Victoria's Secret beauty products.  They've all seemed a bit tacky to me.  But I got this lip gloss in I Want Candy (really, that's the name) in a free gift bag from Black Friday, so it was a no risk situation.  I'm not very demanding in want I want from my lip glosses.  I want a little bit of color, a little bit of moisture, some sheen, and possibly a yummy taste with a good wear time.

It's $7 at or 5/$20.  This is exactly what it looks like in person, a muted mauvey-pink with absolutely no shimmer (sad face).  It literally tastes like candy.  Shocking, I know.

I like the squeeze tube applicator a lot.  It gives you a good amount of control over how much product you're using, and lets you get at the gloss from the bottom of the tube when you start running out.  It goes on nicely, and gives a pretty high sheen to the lips.  I wouldn't say it makes me lips feel less chapped, but it doesn't make them feel drier, so it's sort of neutral in the moisturizing department.  It adds a bit of pink color, but not much.  The one issue I have with it is that the gloss is very, very tacky.  Your hair will be sticking to your lips.  All the time.  But on the flipside, it has great wear time.  This weekend I got four hours including eating and drinking.  For a lip gloss, that's pretty fantastic.

Awkward Chic rating: B+.  It's a good gloss, a little on the tacky side, but a decent value for the price.  I'd be willing to try this in a few other colors, maybe More Mimosa and Juiced Berry.

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