Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Erin Fetherston for Juicy Couture

Confession: I'm not a huge fan of Juicy Couture.  I've never worn a pair of velour pants (or velour at all, for that matter).  The idea of having Juicy across my butt makes me nauseated.  But this Erin Fetherston for Juicy Couture collection...I like it.  There are separates, dresses, jewelry, bags, and shoes, and they're all of kind of adorable.  I rounded up a few of my favorites below.

Embellished Scoopneck Tee, $158 at juicycouture.com, Draped Silk Skirt, $198 at juicycouture.com: I love the combination of these pieces and I love them separately!  I'm always looking for embellished tees.  This one drapes so nicely, the sleeves cover up a multitude of sins, and the necklace embellishment adds a bit of glamour without being so over the top that it loses versatility.  The draping of that skirt is so spot-on it's ridiculous.  Oh, Erin Fetherston.  The way that it swags over the hips makes you look narrower than you actually are, and the russet color is so perfect for fall.

Bustier Dress, $298 at juicycouture.com: This dress also comes in black, but I love the combo of the faded red and the light pink, and the soft sheen of the velvet against the shine of the satin. The little bustier top against the draped skirt--so chic and so flattering.  I want to pair it with a little sparkly belt and a cuff bracelet and flounce around looking ridiculously chic.

Damsel Glitter Heels, $275 at juicycouture.com: These shoes belong on my feet.  They're covered in glitter, have giant boeson the peeptoes, and adorably chunky heels and platforms, so they have retro flair and they're actually comfortable.  These with black tights and a jewel-toned cocktail dress at a holiday party?  ADORABLE.

Images from juicycouture.com, juicycouture.com, juicycouture.com.

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