Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mini OPI Haul

I hate to pull the lazy blogger card, but it's vacay.  And Thanksgiving is tomorrow.  So this is probably the last you'll hear of me for the week (because I will be locked in a tiny dark closet writing a Medieval Architecture research paper.  Fun times!).  But before I go, I just had to show you guys the 2 new polishes I got.

I went to Ulta looking for Essie Smokin' Hot...and they were literally out of the entire winter collection.  What.  The.  Heck.  Not cool.  So I grabbed these two puppies: OPI Ink and OPI Royal Rajah Ruby.  I love that OPI keeps their seasonal collections around.  I'm so used to MAC and the new things disappearing after a month, so finding a polish from a 2 year old collection was a nice surprise.  OPI Ink is $5.55 at, OPI Royal Rajah Ruby is $5.25 at
Here's a swatch of Ink, and here's a swatch of Royal Rajah Ruby.  No time to take my own swatches.  Yes, I do fail.  Ink is an indigo blue-purple with fine pink shimmer.  It's a much cooler and slightly lighter version of Zoya Valerie, which I just got.  Royal Rajah Ruby is a little more blackened on me than in that swatch--it's a blackened red with red shimmer, very holiday but very vampy.  It's what I thought Midnight in Moscow would be, except this one actually reads as red on the nails.  

I'm still upset that they didn't have Smokin' Hot, but I really like both of these.  Especially Royal Rajah Ruby.  I die.

Update: I went to Ulta again today.  They still didn't have Smokin' Hot.  GAH.  But Royal Rajah Ruby is wearing so well.  It's such a lit-from-within color that it practically glows.  Love.

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  1. I got my nails done this weekend, and got the OPI INK color on my finger nails. I loved it in the shop, but as soon as I walked out and looked at it in the sun, I loved it so much I returned to ask what the name was.
    It took us about 15 minutes of scouring the polish racks, to no avail before one of the ladies who got involved in helping me find this shade looked all over the shop until she found it somewhere else. It hadn't been replaced on the racks yet.
    I think I really want to purchase this, where can I buy it? I see that it's not that new.

  2. It is a really pretty and unique color! You can get it on Amazon and eBay for relatively cheap :)



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