Thursday, November 4, 2010

Oh, Korres.

This is such a good deal my brain isn't even processing it.  Just look at how hardcore on sale these Korres duos are at the HSN website.  Not convinced?  Let's do some math.

That size of shower gel is $19.50, and that size of lotion is $29, so $48.50 together.  That's more than $30 savings.  Still not convinced?  What if I told you that Korres products aren't just eco-friendly, but they smell amazing and really, really work.

Korres Melon Hydrating Bath and Body Jumbo Duo, $16.95 at, Korres Clementine Hydrating Bath and Body Duo, $16.95 at  Moral of the story?  Buy these as stocking stuffers for your friends.  Or for yourself.  Just stuff your own stocking.  Santa doesn't judge.

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