Monday, November 15, 2010

Hello, Darling

One of my favorite parts of the holidays?  All the adorable gift sets.  So many of them, so few blog posts.  Hmm.

Philosophy Holiday Greetings Set, $22 at So much cute.  I mean first off, I'd keep the packaging just to use as storage/decoration.  It's a mini mail box!  Adorable.  And second off, the baked goods scent profiles of the included products--omnomnom.  You get Brown Butter Cookie shower gel and shampoo, Pink Frosted Cookie lip shine, Almond Macaroon body butter.  Nothing says holidays like baked goods.  And smelling baked goods is much better for the hips than eating said baked goods.  Plus, at less than $25, this is a great last minute present for a girlfriend or cousin.
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