Monday, November 29, 2010

Review: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle

So I've been dying to buy the Dior Amber Diamond highlighter for a while now.  I wanted a highlighter that was a little more subtle and easier to deal with than my MAC Vanilla pigment (still love it though).  But it's $45.  Boo.  However, it looks an awful lot like the MAC MSF in Soft & Gentle, which is $28 at  Guess which one I ended up buying?

This is my first MSF.  It's a finely milled powder that's marbled and baked, and the compact is about the size of my palm.  $28 isn't pocket change, but you get a LOT of product with this baby.  The MAC site describes it as a gilded peach bronze.  Um, no.  It swatches more a rosy champagne with a mixture of shimmer and glitter.  It's just really, really lovely.  Here are some pics:

I'd say the coloring veers a bit more towards the first than the second picture.  Here's a good swatch of it.  Isn't it pretty?!?!  What I've found with this is a that a little goes a long way.  It is very shimmery.  With a heavy hand you can veer into Twilight territory immediately.  But with a big, fluffy brush or a skunk brush like my MAC 187, you can get a light application that gives you a candlelit glow (and who doesn't want to look like they're permanently bathed in candlelight?  Really now).  The wear time is about the same as any powder on me.  It fades throughout the day, but doesn't disappear, and would probably last a lot longer if you have less oily skin than I do.

You can really use this anywhere--on the lids, browbone, collarbone, cheekbones, etc, etc.  It looks very natural because it's actually a skin-esque color, and it makes you look dewy and fresh without looking oily.  I'm honestly very pleased with this.  It's probably my favorite highlighter that I've ever used.

Awkward Chic rating: A-.  I wish that is what just shimmer instead of having some random glittery bits mixed in, but overall it's a gorgeous shade that's easy to work with and good value for your money.

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