Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Princess Diana's Ring?

6Unless you're living under a rock, you've probably heard that Prince William and Kate Middleton are engaged, and that he proposed with his mother, Princess Diana's wedding ring.  AKA this giant hunk of sapphire and diamonds.

 It's definitely gorgeous, but does anyone else find it a little creepy that he's using his dead mother's wedding ring?  Especially given the circumstances of her death and her marriage to his father.  I feel like it symbolizes a whole lot of bad things.  But again, so pretty.  So, so, so pretty.  I'm intrigued by these wedding rings that have colored stones in the center and diamonds on the perimeter.  I think I like.  What do you girls think?

Image from mirror.co.uk.


  1. For everything bad that it could symbolize... turn it around. It symbolized the young love his father and Diana had, their hopes for the future, so on and so forth. So maybe he's using it not only for tradition, but to capture that young love and hopefully end up with a happy ending? Who knows!

  2. You do have a point. I just have this terrible memory of hearing about Princess Di's death when I was little and being irrationally upset about it. It still gets me. I sincerely hope their marriage ends up happier than his parents. He definitely deserves that.



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