Monday, November 1, 2010

Cozy and Chic

I had a really long conversation with one of my friends today about dressing for class.  She'd rather be comfy than go through the effort of putting together an outfit, and generally goes for sweats and leggings.  I think you can be comfy and still look pulled together.  She doesn't believe me.  Hm.  My philosophy behind not wearing sweats and such to class is that like it or not, your professors will judge you based on it.  If they're considering you for an internship, thinking about how prepared you are for class, or writing you a recommendation, and the picture they have of your in your head is of you with bedhead, sweats, Uggs, and no makeup, you're doing yourself a disservice.  If you looked pulled-together, people tend to assume that you are.  So fake it.  Here's an outfit I put together that you could wear to class, look cute in, and still feel cozy.

American Apparel Tri-blend V-neck, $22 at, Patterson J. Kincaid Patricia Cardigan, $218 at These American Apparel v-necks are great.  The slightly boxy body is balanced out by the deep v-neck, the material is really soft, and the basic colors go with everything.  I'd go down a size and pair it with this Patterson J. Kincaid cardigan.  The warm burgundy hue adds a nice fall twist, the wool/alpaca blend is warm and practical, and it's an oversized sweater.  That's the definition of comfy.  The deep v-neck keeps it all from being too frumpy, as does wearing a fitted v-neck underneath.

Frye Boots Carmen Harness Short, $298 at, Madewell Legging Jeans, $66.50 at To continue the 'feels like pajamas, looks like real clothing' vibe, go for a pair of jeggings on the botton.  I love this Madewell pair because they look like real jeans, but they really do feel like pajamas.  The dark wash is flattering, and the skinny cut would tuck into these Frye boots nicely.  Boots are a must during the fall, especially back here in New England, and this pair is versatile but still has a good dose of spunk to liven up all the basic layers here.

Madewell Ice Cluster Bracelet, $52 at, Ray-Ban Oversized Wayfarers, $145 at Accessories are very important for when you've just rolled out of bed on five hours of sleep but want to look pulled-together.  In that situation, a little bit of bling can go a long way.  This Madewell bracelet adds instant glam with minimal effort, and the distraction of all those sparkly rhinestones will keep you awake in class (yay for multi-tasking pieces).  Now, the last element is crucial.  Giant, but polished sunglasses will disguise sleepy-face, block out the evil sun in the early morning, and add a mysterious twist to the entire ensemble.

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  1. I am wearing that deep V right now and it is the most amazing tshirt ever. I have had it for so long and washed it so many times but its shape and everything is intact!

  2. I have a collection of those in tri-black and I literally have worn them to death :) so much love.



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