Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Zoya 3 For Free

I love Twitter.  Via Twitter today I was tipped off that Zoya has an amazing promo code for the week.  Use the code FB2011 and you get three polishes (a $21 value) for free!  You just pay shipping, which is just under $7, so it's really 3 for the price of 1.  Which is still amazing.  You can use that code for the rest of the week.  The website is a little overloaded and slow at the moment, but wait it out.  It's totally worth it.  

So of course I didn't do the rational things and buy polishes that filled color gaps in my collection.  I bought pretty things.  Here's what I made out with.

Polish in Kelly, $7 at zoya.com: I love that this is called Kelly and it's not a Kelly green at all.  It's a rich grey with soft blue and purple undertones and a cream finish.  It's like a cool mauvey grey, and I love it because it's a neutral but it's an interesting twist on the usual neutral.  It's not boring.

Polish in Blair, $7 at zoya.com: I am such a sucker for metallic dark reds, and this one is named after a Gossip Girl character.  I couldn't resist.   Blair is a cool blackened red with subtle hints of purple and smooth metallic shimmer.  So. Pretty.  I want.  I like it because it's festive and wintery, but it's a different twist from the usual vampy purple.

Polish in Edyta, $7 at zoya.com: I've wanted this forever, and I completely forgot about it.  Yes.  So pumped.  It's a mixture of gold, olive, blue-grey and smokey grey with a sparkling metallic finish, and it's such a weird color but such a gorgeous and chic color at the same time.  This is going on my fingers ASAP.

Images via zoya.com.


  1. Great color choices! I have to get me some, I'm really liking this light blue shade "Caitlin" that I saw on Temptalia.

  2. Oooh Caitlin is pretty! It's like a purpler, lighter version of Kelly. I'm loving all these grey-periwinkle colors lately.



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