Thursday, December 30, 2010

J. Crew Post-Xmas Sale

I'm sorry I was such a fail this week.  I was in San Francisco from Sunday till today, and the hotel I was staying at claimed to have Wi-Fi, so I didn't plan any blog posts ahead of time.  And then I got to the hotel, and no Wi-Fi.  Cry.  Crycry.  But, on the plus side, J. Crew is having a great post-Xmas sale, so I thought I'd blog on that.

Dream Zip-pocket Cardigan, $49.99 down from $78 at, Panne Velvet Bell Skirt, $49.99 down from $78 at I almost bought this sweater a few months ago, and now I'm so glad I didn't because it's on sale.  Yipee!  It's adorable because it seems like a normal little cardigan from a few feet away, but then you realize that it has a sassy little zipper and cute little zipper pockets.  It's a wearable basic, but with an attitude (and it comes in a ton of colors).  This velvet skirt is the perfect thing for holiday cocktail parties.  It's easy to style around, and it feel so luxurious.  I realize holiday cocktail parties are basically over but...consider it an investment for next year?

Glitz Stud Cami, $38 down from $169 at, Dulphine Bling-button Cardigan, $39.99 down from $69.50 at This tank is such a ridiculously good deal.  It's a pretty pale pink silk with gorgeous sparkly embellishments, and it drapes so nicely.  You do wear it so many ways--dark jeans and boots, tucked into a high-waisted skirt with heels, etc, etc.  J. Crew's bling cardigans are so classic.  The cut is so basic and versatile, but the gemstone-esque buttons give it such a luxe, glamorous twist.  Play it up with some crystal jewelry for a really fab look.

Bonfire Cardigan, $78 down from $118 at, Drapey Sequin Tank, $44.99 down from $69.50 at That sweater looks so cozy.  I want to wear it and snuggle up by a fireplace with some big shearling-lined boots and drink hot cocoa.  The marled texture gives the neutral hue a fun twist, and the exaggerated shawl collar adds so much drama to such a comfortable look.  I love this sequin tank.  It looks like a basic white tank, but once the light hits it you realize that it's entirely plastered with white sequins.  That subtle sheen adds so much visual interest to even the simplest of looks, a tank and a pair of jeans.

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