Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Shopaholic on Probation

I need someone to stand next to me whenever I grab my MacBook and slap my hand when I start online shopping because it is a PROBLEM.  As of this morning I had four things in the mail.  I'm cutting myself off.  The last thing I bought was this Victoria's Secret dress.  It's the Sweetheart Corset Dress and it's on sale for $29.99.  It also comes in leopard, if that's your thing.

Now, I know what you're thinking.  Dresses from Victoria's Secret?  Really, Megan?  I know.  But that post I did yesterday on dressing your body type got me thinking.  I know how to dress my body, but I usually cop out because of general laziness and because I'm not always comfortable with the attention I get.  My wardrobe is in serious need of a flattering, colorful injection, and the first thing I was craving was a retro-inspired sundress.  I have one or two of these, and I love them to death because they're really flattering and they're just really fun to wear, plus you can dress them up or down easily.  I remember liking this dress a while ago but not wanting to pay full price ($58) for it.  And then I checked it today and it was on sale!  Yes.  I love the shape, which the fitted underwire top and the full skirt, and I love the slightly abstract, festive poppy print.  It's just so happy.

So that'll be here in a week or so.  I'm so pumped.  Of course I won't be able to wear it at school in Boston for about a million years--California is already getting warm.  Catch up, Massachusetts--but it's just so cute.  

In other news, I got a haircut today.  I'm not gonna post a picture because unless you stare at me for hours on end every day you won't notice the difference, but I just wanted to know if getting a haircut was traumatizing for anyone else.  I hate getting my hair cut.  I dread it.  I've gotten it down to a twice yearly occurrence, and I still hate it.  I'm such a control freak about my hair that it pains me to lose even an inch, and my hair is so ridiculously thick that most stylists get excited and just keep on cutting until my 1/2 inch trim turns into a 3 inch chop.  Not cool.  I probably lost an inch today because I had terrible split ends, but it still irks me whenever I look in the mirror.  Is anyone else this OCD about their hair cuts?

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  1. I love shopping at VS! They really do have some great things. What a great dress! I definitely have an online shopping addiction. I'm trying to keep it under control, but I gave into the Zoya promotion like you did :p

  2. Thanks girl! I'm so excited to wear it when Boston finally warms up (in May. Crycry). I love Zoya so much right now! Except my order still hasn't gone through : / but I feel like their website is probably having an emotional break down right now.



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