Friday, January 21, 2011

Hunter White Tiger Welly Socks

I hate snow.  Whenever it snows back here it seems like the postal service has a complete meltdown and then the online purchases I've been consistently stalking don't get here and it makes me very sad.  But my Hunter White Tiger Welly Socks that I ordered from Zappos just came in and they are AWESOME.

Welly socks are really fleece liners made for Hunter boots to make them warm and snuggly.  They come in medium and large (I haven't seen small yet) and I'm a size 10 so I got the large.  They're a little loose around my calves, but they fit nicely in my boots.  I wouldn't wear socks under these because it would just get too complicated and bulky, and you need to put these on like socks--i.e. put the welly socks on and then put on the boots.  Don't put the socks in the boots and then try to put them on.  Does not work out.  Anyways, I got the ones with the giant white tiger cuffs made out of faux fur.  They're so plush and cozy.  I love them.  Oh, and see the little Hunter logo on the front of the socks?  I'm such a label whore, but it makes me happy.

I have gotten so many comments on these, especially for only having worn them twice.  When I pulled them out of the box I had a moment of "omg these are ridiculous why did I order them???" but I love them.  They keep my feet so, so warm in the snow, so they work on a functional level, and they look like I belong in the Russian tundra 100 years ago, which is kind of amazing.  I feel like a Romanov wearing these.  In a good way.

The long story short: I highly recommend these.  They're comfortable, they fit a variety of calf sizes (my dancer roomie tried them and they fit over her wider calves too), they keep your feet warm, and they look fabulous.  You can get them for $40 at

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