Thursday, January 6, 2011

My MAC Peacocky Haul

I had to go by MAC this morning to check out the Peacocky collection (it's at the point where the MAC girls recognize me.  Even though I go to college in Boston for 3/4 of the year and I'm home in LA.  Oh dear).  I was preparing myself to love everything in the collection and have to talk myself out of buying it all, but surprisingly I left with everything I wanted.  I was thinking of grabbing a lip color too, but they just weren't the right colors for me.

So I ended up with the shadows in Tweet Me and Spectacle of Yourself. Here are nice (nicer than mine, anyways) swatches of the whole collection.  These Mega Metal shadows are $19.50, and the size of a cream color base.  I put them next to a regular sized shadow (Vainglorious) so y'all can see the size difference.  These are HUGE.  I love it.  MAC describes Tweet Me as gold bronze and Spectacle of Yourself as deep bronze.  Hm.  In real life, I'd say Tweet Me is a gilded peach and Spectacle of Yourself is a metallic brown with red undertones and red sheen.  They're both extremely metallic, and have an amazing high sheen without being shimmery or glittery.  That's Tweet Me on the right.

 Swatches: Tweet Me (left), Spectacle of Yourself (right), and then Spectacle of Yourself on the right.  These shadows are so pigmented and easy to work with.  I really, REALLY like them.  And because you don't need a lot of product for an opaque layer of color, you'll get a ton of use out of these products.  They're a good value for the money.  These are up on the website now, and I don't think anything is sold out yet.  Apparently these are a new formula of shadow for MAC, and I think MAC needs to put out more of them.  ASAP.  They feel like pressed pigments!  The shadows that I have from MAC with the most comparable texture are my frosts (Satin Taupe and Romp), but these Mega Metal shadows are even more pigmented and easier to work with.  I would have died to have seen a metallic black in the collection.

And for comparison purposes, here is Spectacle of Yourself on top and on the left, and Vainglorious on the bottom and on the right.  In the pan they look pretty similar, but once swatched the difference is pretty apparent.  Spectacle of Yourself is much richer and more pigmented, and it's really a brown with a red twist whereas Vainglorious is a red with a brown twist, and much less pigmented.

And on a last note, I picked up a new bottle of Face and Body foundation in N1.  The old bottle is on the right, the new bottle (also N1) is on the left.  Isn't that a crazy difference?  What happened is that Face and Body is water-based and oxidizes pretty quickly because of its lack of preservatives.  So in about 9 months, it's gotten that much darker.  And I didn't even notice!


  1. I got... the pewter one that starts with a D and Unflappable. Might go back for Prance today. They're just so smoooooth. Goodbye another $20.

  2. Ooooh Dalliance? Love all of those! I wanted Unflappable but it doesn't like my skin tone. And you have to get Prance! It's so pretty! Aren't they amazing though?



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