Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Today's Wants

Sigh.  There's so much cuteness out there today.  It was hard to distill it into this little post, but I tried.

Mara Hoffman Picnic Dress, $298 at shopbop.com: I love this.  It's all clean but girly in the front, and then the back hits you over the head with it's stealthy sex appeal.  The light silk drapes so nicely, and the bow at the bust offsets the short hemline nicely.  I'm not sure I'd wear it to a picnic, but I'd definitely wear it out to lunch or shopping or on a date.

RED Valentino Trench Coat with Bow Detail, $895 at shopbop.com: How adorable is this trench?  It's all basic and simple in the front, and then you turn around and BAM, there's a seductive lace bow.  It's so French girl chic, but it's a wearable piece that you could really get your money's worth from.

Kryan2designs Flasks: Pink and White Damask Flask, $18.50 at etsy.com, Rhinestone Initial Flask, $22 at etsy.com: You know, flasks don't have to be scandalous.  You could use them for...sneaking juice into movie theaters.  Or if you're going to be traveling a lot, since they'll fit in your purse nicely.  Either way, these flasks from Etsy are adorable (and affordable!).  They come in a wide variety of colors and prints, but these two are my favorites.  You have the classy, timeless damask print in adorable pink and white, and then the mock leather flask with rhinestone initials.  Super chic.

Images from shopbop.com, etsy.com.

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